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2013: The Institutue for Trade & Commercial Diplomacy recently published a textbook entitled Policy Development and Negotiations in International Trade: A Practical Guide to Effective Commercial Diplomacy by Geza Feketekuty. You can purchase the book on AMAZON.COM and type in Geza Feketekuty in the subject heading.

The textbook covers the skills required by practicing professionals involved in the development of government policies affecting trade and the negotiation of international trade agreements.

About ITCD

Globalization has increased the demand for professionals with skills in Commercial Diplomacy. ITCD develops world-class training programs and materials targeted to the professional practice of Commercial Diplomacy. Participants in ITCD courses learn how to analyze policy issues that impact global commerce, communicate effectively with decision makers, develop strategies to advance stakeholder interests, and negotiate successful agreements. ITCD more broadly seeks to strengthen the field of Commercial Diplomacy as an academic field of study by partnering with other institutions interested in developing training programs in the field and by making training resources available to students, practicing professionals, and educators.

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