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ICDP maintains a large database of links related to the discipline of Commercial Diplomacy.

Choosing Keywords:

For best results, it's important to choose your keywords wisely. Keep these tips in mind:

  1. Try the obvious first.
  2. Make keywords as specific as possible.
  3. You can choose up to 5 keywords.
  4. Keywords order is not important.
  5. If you want results containing either of the keywords choose at least one.
  6. If you want results containing all of the keywords choose all.
  7. You will get more results in at least one than all.


Search is NOT case sensitive.

Choosing Category:

If you're not exactly sure which search keywords to use, this is a good place to start. Pull down the list from the categories to view the different areas within the categories.

  1. The 5 predetermined categories to select from are Industry, Organization, Issues, Material and Region
  2. Pull down list and select any one subcategory
  3. Highlight None if you do not want selection from the category
  4. You can choose more than one category at a time.

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