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Teaching Note


This case presents an opportunity to show how export promotion and trade policy officials and domestic regulators must work together to solve a trade problem or to defend a country against a possible charge of unfair practices.   

The case study assumes that the students have already been taught about the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) and the Commercial Diplomacy Critical Analysis approach to trade policy problems.  The purpose of the study is to get students to identify the additional information they will need to address this case under the TBT Agreement and before they can hope to develop a strategy leading to negotiation or WTO dispute settlement regarding this case.  The exercise is designed to reinforce that objective.  In particular, students will need considerable additional background information regarding the overall value of trade between Egypt and Kenya, trade in toilet paper, production of toilet paper in Egypt and Kenya, requirements of the Kenyan standard on toilet paper and the reasons for it.  Students will need to confirm that the Kenyan standard is not based on an international standard and that it is indeed a mandatory standard since imports are prohibited if they do not satisfy the standard.