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Mission Statement:

To provide a forum for Commercial Diplomats to enhance their knowledge of a cross-sector of current and emerging international trade policy issues and create a network that brings Commercial Diplomats to the forefront of international trade policy.

Services/Benefits of Forum:

  •  Networking meetings with trade officials and key industry players 

  • CD Career Alert

  • Commercial Diplomat Quarterly newsletter

  •  Webpage -- to include the newsletter, resume posting, links to trade internet sites, etc.


  • Current Monterey Institute Commercial Diplomacy students and alumni

  • Membership free until January 1, 2000, after which there will be a membership fee of $25 per year.  Current students not required to pay membership fees.

Board of Directors:

Members will elect a Board of Directors, which will meet quarterly and whose terms run one year.  The Board and its responsibilities will consist of:

  • Chair:

  • Being the spokesperson for the group;

  • Making introductions at networking meetings; and

  • Organizing the CD Career Alert -- biweekly e-mail that includes upcoming conferences and meetings, as well as job and internship listings (includes input from members)

  • Vice-Chair:

  • Acting as spokesperson in Chairís absence;

  • Liaison with Monterey Institute and Leah Gowran; and

  • Organizing the Commercial Diplomat Quarterly newsletter - articles (written by members) to include:

  • What We Are Working on -- members will contribute articles on current trade issues on which they are working;

  • Where We Are Going -- members will contribute articles on their business trips;

  • Who We Are -- initially we will include brief bios on everyone (in following editions, we will expand individual bios);

  • Speakers;

  • Networking opportunities, meetings, conferences, associations, etc.;

  • Career and Internship Opportunities -- focus on current students;

  • Useful Trade Internet Sites/Resources; and

  • Special section on the Ministerial and New Round issues

  • The first newsletter will be issued in October 1999 and will eventually be put on the Commercial Diplomacy Forum webpage (January)

  • Financial Officer:

  • Setting up the Forum budget;

  • Submitting invoices to Geza;

  •  Dispersing funds;

  • Keeping a database of all expenditures; and

  • Purchasing gifts for speakers

  • Communications Officer:

  • Maintaining a database of members

  • Coordinating the networking meetings, including:

  •  Organizing speakers;

  • Sending out announcement of meetings;

  • Organizing logistics for meetings; and

  • Sending thank-you cards


Questions for Geza:

Whom should we include -- Monterey Institute CD students, Brown Foundation students, others?

Should we have a Board of Trustees?

Initial financing for:

  •                  Commercial Diplomat Quarterly

  •                    Thank-you cards

  •                    Gifts for speakers (wine with Commercial Diplomacy Forum on them)

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