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Books and Articles

A list of useful books and articles can be found under each of the courses listed in the model curriculum section of the website. You can go to that section of the website by clicking on “Model Curriculum” in the index or by clicking on he following hyperlink: Model Curriculum. Many of the books can be purchased on websites provided by booksellers and research institutions. Many of these sites can be found in the section on links under the heading of Books on Trade. You can go there by clicking on “links” in the index or by clicking on the following hyperlink: links  


Case Studies

Trade case studies are built around historically important or particularly interesting trade policy challenges. They demonstrate how these challenges were addressed through advocacy programs, legislation, negotiations or dispute settlement. They provide insights into the analysis a number of trade related domestic policy issues. ICDP has developed a number of case studies, which can be accessed in the section on case studies.  You can find the list of case studies on the first page of the section on case studies. You will also find a list of websites that offer other case studies for sale. You can go to the section on case studies by clicking on “case studies” in the index or by clicking on the following hyperlink: case studies.




ICDP maintains an extensive database of websites with useful information for international trade policy professionals. The database is organized on the basis of key categories, which allows you to focus your search for useful sites. The list of categories is found on the links page. Categories which you may want to explore for information on current trade issues that focus on the design or implementation of domestic policies includes Nat. Trade Offices and the various regions of the world. The database also contains a search engine, which allows you browse through the links in the database. You can also get access to the search engine on the links page. You may want to identify sites with relevant information by entering key words such as “barriers” or particular domestic policies. You can go to the links page directly by clicking on “links” in the index or by clicking on the following hyperlink: links page



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