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Books on Trade


   Books on Trade


International Trade : Theory and Evidence
By James R. Markusen, James R. Melvin (Contributor), William M. Kaempfer, Keith Maskus

Trade Policy and Market Structure
By Elhanan Helpman, Paul R. Krugman

Lectures on International Trade
By Jagdish N. Bhagwati, et al

International Economics : Theory and Policy
By Paul R. Krugman, et al

Fundamentals of U.S. Foreign Trade Policy : Economics, Politics, Laws, and Issues
By Stephen D. Cohen, Robert A. Blecker (Contributor), Joel Richard Paul

Currencies and Crises
By Paul R. Krugman

Trade Policy and Market Structure
By Elhanan Helpman, Paul R. Krugman

Market Structure and Foreign Trade : Increasing Returns, Imperfect, Competition, and the International Economy
By Elhanan Helpman, Paul R. Krugman

Rethinking International Trade
By Paul R. Krugman

Innovation and Growth in the Global Economy
By Gene M. Grossman, Elhanan Helpman (Contributor)

Applied International Trade Analysis (Studies in International Economics)
By Harry P. Bowen, Abraham Hollander, Jean-Marie Viaene

Applied Methods for Trade Policy Analysis : A Handbook
By Joseph F. Francois (Editor), Kenneth A. Reinert (Editor)

Trading Blocs : Alternative Approaches to Analyzing Preferential Trade Agreements
By Jagdish Bhagwati (Editor), Pravin Krishna (Editor), Arvind Panagariya

The Regulation of International Trade
By Michael J. Trebilcock, Robert Howse

The Age of Diminished Expectations : U.S. Economic Policy in the 1990s
By Paul R. Krugman

Pop Internationalism
By Paul Krugman

Geography and Trade (Gaston Eyskens Lecture)
By Paul Krugman

Building Bridges : An Egypt-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
By Ahmed Galal (Editor), Robert Z. Lawrence (Editor)

Africa and Europe : The Changing Economic Relationship
By Oladeji O. Ojo (Editor), African Development Bank, Femi Ojo-Ade (Editor)

1999/Fall Federal Staff Directory : White House, Departments, Agencies, Biographies (31st Ed)
By Congressional Quarterly's Editors (Editor)

21 Debated: Issues in World Politics
By Louis Furmanski, Randall J. Jones, Gregory M. Scott

Economic Politics - The Cost of Democracy
By William R. Keech

Approaches to Global Governance Theory (Suny Series in Global Politics)
By Martin Hewson (Editor), Timothy Sinclair (Editor)

Agricultural Markets from Theory to Practice : Field Experience in Developing Countries
By Barbara Harriss-White

Agricultural Trade Policy : Completing the Reform (Policy Analyses in International Economics
By Timothy Josling

Agricultural Trade Policy : Letting Markets Work
By Daniel A. Sumner

Agriculture in the Uruguay Round
By K.A. Ingersent, A.J. Rayner, R.C. Hine (Editor)

Agriculture Trade, Protectionism and the Problems of Development : A Legal Perspective
By Joseph A. McMahon

Gains from Global Linkages : Trade in Services and Movements of Persons
By Bimal Ghosh

Services : The Export of the 21st Century : A Guidebook for Us Service Exporters
By Joe Reif (Editor), Alexandra Woznick, Molly E. Thurmond, Jane Kelly, Janet Whittle, Robert A.

Barriers to U.S. Service Trade in Japan
By Alexander

The Canada United States Free Trade Agreement : The Impact on Service Industries
By Earl Fry

Econometrics in the Service of Economic Interests : On the Validity of the Unctad Calculations of the Trade Effects of the Tokyo Round on Developing
By Rolf H. Hasse

Gains from Global Linkages : Trade in Services and Movements of Persons
By Bimal Ghosh

Asean-Eec Trade in Services
By Jean Waelbroeck, Peter Praet, Hans Christoph Rieger (Editor)

Barriers or Benefits? : Regulation in Transatlantic Trade
By David Vogel

Comparative Advantage in International Trade: A Historical Perspective
By Andrea Maneschi

The Challenge of Free Trade
By Alan Oxley

Asymmetries in Japanese-American Trade : The Case for Specific Reciprocity (Policy Papers in International Affairs No 32)
By Stephen D. Krasner

Cooperation and Governance in International Trade : The Strategic Organizational Approach
By Beth V. Yarbrough, Robert M. Yarbrough (Contributor), Beth V. Yarborough

Competition Policies for an Integrated World Economy (Integrating National Economies)
By F. M. Scherer

E-Commerce : Implementing Global Marketing Strategies
By Bohdan O. Szuprowicz

China's Trade Patterns and International Comparative Advantage (Studies on the Chinese Economy)
By Xiao-Guang Zhang, Xiaoguang Zhang

Beyond Mfn: Trade with China and American Interests
By James R. Lilley (Editor), Lee H. Hamilton (Designer), Wendell L. Willkie (Editor)

Big Dragon : The Future of China : What It Means for Business, the Economy, and the Global Order
By Daniel Burstein, Arne De Keijzer, Arne J. DeKeijzer

Articulating the Global and the Local : Globalization and Cultural Studies (Cultural Studies Series)
By Ann Cvetkovich (Introduction), Douglas Kellner (Introduction)

Beyond Globalization: Shaping a Sustainable Global Economy
By Hazel Henderson

Barriers or Benefits? : Regulation in Transatlantic Trade
By David Vogel

Breaking Boundaries : Public Policy Vs. American Business in the World Economy
By Joseph E. Pattison

Building a Win-Win World : Life Beyond Global Economic Warfare
By Hazel Henderson

The Art and Skill of Successful Negotiation
By John Ilich

International Trade in Goods and Factor Mobility
By Kar-Yiu Wong

The Agreement on the European Economic Area (Eea : A Guide to the Free Movement of Goods and Competition Rules)
By Therese Blanchet, Risto Piipponen, Maria Westman-Clement

Against the Tide : An Intellectual History of Free Trade
By Douglas A. Irwin

An American Trade Strategy : Options for the 1990s
By Robert Z. Lawrence (Editor), Charles L. Schultze (Editor)

The Environment and Nafta : Understanding and Implementing the New Continental Law
By Pierre Marc Johnson, Andre Beaulieu (Contributor), Victor Lichtinger

The Case for Free Trade and Open Immigration
By Richard M. Ebeling (Editor), Jacob G. Hornberger (Editor), richar Ebeling

From Here to Free Trade : Essays in Post-Uruguay Round Trade Strategy
By Ernest H. Preeg

Global Trade and Global Social Issues (Global Environmental Change)
By Annie Taylor (Editor), Caroline Thomas (Editor)

The Mexico-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
By Peter M. Garber (Editor)

Interpreting NAFTA: The Science and Art of Political Analysis
By Frederick Mayer

Understanding Nafta : Mexico, Free Trade, and the New North America
By William A. Orme

The Post-Nafta Political Economy C : Mexico and the Western Hemisphere
By Carol Wise (Editor)

Free Trade Between the United States and Canada : The Potential Economic Effects
By Ronald J. Wonnacot, Ronald J. Wonnacott, Gordon P. Wonnacott, Paul Wonnacott (Contributor)

Launching New Global Trade Talks : An Action Agenda (Special Reports (Institute for International Economics (U.S.)), 12.)
By Jeffrey J. Schott (Editor), Institute for International Economics

Making Free Trade Work in the Americas (Toward Seamless Borders, No 1)
By Boris Kozolchyk (Editor)


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