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International Organizations


  Chambers of Commerce

Mbendi- South Africa

This site contains trade and investment information regarding South Africa including: news, trade, tenders, countries, companies, events, industries, organizations, personalities, stock exchange information, publications, projects, products, and guide to exporting by industry.


The Kampala Trade Point-Uganda

Facilitates local trade efficiency. Links to the Ugandan National Chamber of Commerce, Ugandan Exports Promotion Board, Private Sector Foundation, Ugandan Investment Authority, and the Ugandan Tourist Board.


ZIMTRADE- Zimbabwe

The National Trade Development Organization of Zimbabwe includes a company database and profiles. This site includes information regarding the investment climate, exchange rates, tobacco, tourism, and other trading opportunities.

MCCI- Mauritius

The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce site includes trade statistics, information regarding its mission and members, tourism, leisure, investment and Business, Contact Information and GBX.




China Chamber of International Commerce

This site is maintained by the China Council for the promotion of international trade. The site has useful information about the present state of China's economy, updated every 2 weeks. There is also information on China's customs, construction projects, and a long and very informative business guide. This guide lists information on every Chinese trade subject ranging from agriculture and the political system to technology trade and the Chinese tax system. There is also a section on immigration.

China External Trade Development Council

This organization is based in Taiwan. It provides information services, market research and development, exhibitions, design promotion, trade education and convention services.

Haikou, China World Trade Center

Includes information regarding the Hainan Province, services, economic and trade information (for members only) and contact information.




Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce

Contains news, upcoming events, tourism, young business forum, membership, sponsors, and information about Israeli missions, trade awards, and business opportunities.




Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce


The Canadian-American Chamber of Commerce supports Canadian business operating in Northern California and Northern California businesses operating in Canada. It provides individuals with opportunities to network and communicate. Its objective is to contribute to Canadian and American business development and relations. The Chamber offers information on Canadian marketplace, relevant laws and referrals to other organizations.


   Europe and Russia

Lyon, France World Trade Center

(Site only available in French)


Austrian Chamber of Commerce

(Site only available in German)


BFTO Belgian Foreign Trade Office

BFTO is an export promotion office for businesses in Belgium. Includes information regarding business in Belgium, federal actions, publications, export figures by industry, links to exporting small and medium sized enterprises, economic assets of Belgium and useful addresses.


Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States

Site sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce. Includes information regarding business strategies, news, country reports, leads, events, publications, sources of finance, customs corner, U.S. state exports, exchange links and additional links.

Russian-American Chamber of Commerce

Includes information regarding Russian commerce news, cities and regions, FAQ’s, and maps.

Russian Foreign Investment Policy - Long Term Guidelines

Outlines Russia’s investment policies.

Russian- American Chamber of Commerce

The Russian-American Chamber of Commerce is a trade organization that facilitates American trade and investment in Russia. The website offers selected excerpts of issues of The Russian Commerce News, which is the official publication of the Chamber. The website provides links to extensive information about the country including the information on Russia’s industry, investment, banking, job and funding opportunities.

German-American Chamber of Commerce

The German-American Chamber of Commerce works to promote and facilitate US trade with Germany. It provides market research, consulting and advice to the companies. Other activities include organization of membership events, and general inquiries such as finding partner company and distributors in Germany.

American Chamber of Commerce in Russia

 The website provides information on the activities of the American Chamber in Russia. The site offer Chamber’s publications, including the on-line version of the Chamber’s magazine, AmCham News. The website provides recent Russia’s trade and investment statistics. The website informs on the activities of Chamber’s committees and its projects and events.



   Latin America



Association of American Chambers of Commerce in Latin America

This page has information on meetings and workshops. It also posts economic news headlines from newspapers around the world. It has files to be downloaded on issues such as anticorruption. There is also a section with links to Latin American trade associations like the Free Trade of the Americas, and NAFTA.


World Trade Center- Mexico City

(Site available in English and Spanish)

Includes information regarding businesses, sponsors, hotels, expositions, affiliates, and contact information.


World Trade Center- Baja California

This site is primarily focused on trade between the U.S. and Mexico. Includes information regarding accommodations, banks, business and industry, car rentals, employment, entertainment, food and dining, government, marketplace, real estate, and trade statistics for both the United States and Mexico. In addition, the site has contact information, partners, services and events.


Asociación de Agentes Aduanales de Nuevo Laredo

(Site available only in Spanish)

Includes information regarding tariffs, legislation, manuals, catalogs, associations and information regarding local businesses.



American Chamber of Commerce, Argentina (AMCHAM)

(Site available in Spanish and English)

Contains information regarding the Argentinean economy, commercial services, contact information for government offices, manufacturers and medical product yellow pages, chambers of commerce, international institutions and business missions. Members have access to the information center, which has research on import, export, associations, international brands, trade fairs and shows, publications and consulting services.


American Chamber of Commerce, Brazil (AMCHAM)

(Site available in English and Portuguese)

This Chamber unites over 3,600 members of businesses of all sizes, with the goal of encouraging Governments to change their policies to promote commerce, investment and business between the US and Brazil. Contains information on economic conditions and analysis of Brazil and the US, as well as on their respective industrial sectors.


Argentinean Chamber of Commerce

(Site available in Portuguese, English and Spanish)

Contains some information Argentinean trade, export promotion activities, and trade events.


Austrian Chamber of Commerce - Foreign Trade

(Site in German)

Information on publications about foreign trade with Austria; schedule of trade related events; and related news. Also, much information on matters concerning trade such as tariff schemes with other nations and regions; markets with trade opportunities; and the services provided by the Foreign Trade section of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.


International Chamber of Commerce of Brazil (CAMINT)

(Site in Portuguese)

Organization to facilitate contact between the importers of Brazilian goods and Brazilian exporters. Contains a slide show describing the programs objectives, advantages, and methods.



This site has information about the history, structure and function of the Chamber of Commerce in Barbados. There is also a business directory with information about Barbados businesses. Past newsletters and press releases are available as well as links to other business organizations in and near Barbados.


This site contains membership information as wells as newsletters and upcoming events. There is also information on the Belize business network, including a business directory and networking guide. There is a downloadable guide to investment in Belize.

Cayman Islands

This site has the names of the staff and the council members, with information on how to become a member, or relocate to the Islands. There is information on the local business members, sister business members, individual associate members and overseas associate members. With the telephone numbers of the members, it is easy to find out more about the Chamber and business practices in the Caymans.


   Middle East


Australia Israel Chamber of Commerce

Contains news, upcoming events, tourism, young business forum, membership, sponsors, and information about Israeli missions, trade awards, and business opportunities.



 North America


U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Includes information about the organization, membership and news related to the purpose of the organization. Free trade information can be found under the Policy and Issues section. This includes an outline of priorities, goal of opening markets and promotion of free trade, CBI, economic espionage remedies, fast-track trade negotiating authority. Includes additional information about Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), International Monetary Fund (IMF), Permanent Normal Trade Relations with China, Privatization of Government Functions, Unilateral Economic Sanctions, Revitalizing U.S. Leadership, Asia-Pacific Economic Co-op, Trans-Atlantic Economic Partnership, WTO, U.S. Congressional Objectives. Includes in-depth information regarding fast-track, FTAA, Section 301, Food Safety Initiatives and GSP. Papers related to the benefits of strong trade laws, and outline of programs and services. Includes links to American Chambers of Commerce Abroad.


Atlanta World Trade Center

Contains WTCA news, events, trade opportunities, membership information, staf and board members, contact information, links to other WTC’s and the World Trade Center Association.

Baltimore World Trade Center

Contains information regarding membership, news releases, membership, FAQ’s, trade leads, trade research, trade shows, program reports, translators, bookstores, business seminars, international visitors, seminars, business seminar reports, international business news, special events and Stratfor’s Global Intelligence Center. Also includes investing reports by industry, region and country.


Boston World Trade Center

Includes information regarding conferences and trade shows, special events, event management, location and transport, accommodations, area attractions, maps, directories and press releases.

Detroit Windsor World Trade Center

Includes WTC information, services, resources, calendar, membership information, WTCDW network includes information on trade and services, real time trade leads, trade intelligence reports, market research, trade missions, events and trade news headlines.



   Global Sites

International Business Kiosk

Includes import/export trade regulations, visa and foreign exchange information, travel and translation resources. Specific information regarding airlines, ships, ATM locations worldwide, car rentals, country and city background, duty free/tax free shopping, diplomatic and consular representations, exchange rates, flags of countries, health and ravel, hotels, maps, mail and package delivery, regulations in trade and travel, resources on international business and trade, subway and train systems, per-diem rates, time around the world, travel agencies on the web, translators/interpreters, visas, weather around the world, weight, measurement and temperature conversions and investor reports regarding Europe, Emerging markets, Asia, Americas and investing strategies.

World Trade Center Association

Includes news, access to World Trade Center websites worldwide, archives of past newsletters, on-line product catalogs, trade opportunities, world business directory, and events. Members have access to WTCA’s on-line New World Trade Library, STAT-USA, Trade Flow System, Dun & Bradstreet Export Encyclopedia, and Digilead.


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