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On Line Trade Data


  On Line Trade Databases

The Americas Information Gateway System

This site is dedicated to trade statistics from the Spanish-speaking hemisphere, including research, markets, events, and experts.



(Site available in Portuguese, English and Spanish)

Contains contact information for exporters and importers; product codes; current trade opportunities; trade transportation details; particularly useful is the Balance of Trade information for the country.


Caribbean Export Development Agency

This organization is a regional, intergovernmental agency funded by the EU that performs commercial assistance and consulting services for businesses eager to do business with local companies in the Caribbean. There are also databases with information on the following market type research: country profiles, market access conditions, import tariff rates, domestic taxes, non-tariff regulations, and technical standards. There is also general marketing research on distribution types, credit card and other payment types, and pricing policies. Regarding trade policy, there are databases on agreements that facilitate trade with Caribbean nations and non-Caribbean nations, regional and national customs rates, and trade advocacy programs to encourage trade in the region.


China External Trade Development Council

This is a non-profit trade promotion organization in China and Taiwan with some government sponsorship. It contains database information regarding information services in Taiwan, import-export rules, Taipei trade shows, and Taiwanese products.


European Union

The EU web site has a lot of databases on trade-related activity or agreements that involve the EU or its member nations. There are also databases on countries applying for EU membership. Data includes economic value to the EU and what further requirements for admission. There is also information on WTO-related decisions and the effects that some cases have had on EU industry and macro economic issues.



ExportSource is Team Canada Inc.’s online resource for export information. It provides a single access point to all trade-related, government departments and agencies on subjects including market reserch, export financing, export regulation and logistics, trade statistics, export contacts, trade shows and missions.


Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO)

This site contains the FAOSTAT on-line multi lingual database. It has information on the following topics: production, trade, food balance sheets, fertilizer pesticides, land use, irrigation, forest products, fishery, population, agricultural machines, and food aid supplements. All topics are expressed in the database as relating to either farming, fishing, or forestry.


Foreign Agricultural Service- US Government

This site has databases on the international farming community. The country guides detail specifics about farming and exporting agriculture goods abroad. Because this information is composed by in-country U.S. FAS employees who do field research on the various topics, the reports are in depth and accurate. Topics included in the database are international food aid and assistance for exporters.


G8 Information Center

This G8 site is maintained by the University of Toronto. It has a database on the G8 meetings historical and present day. Some of the databases are divided amongst the news sources, for example the Financial Post, the G8 Bulletin, and G8 TV, and where information is found in these sources. There are also databases on G8 research available from the University of Toronto. There are databases on scholarly writings including bibliographies and various publications. The publications on the G8 are downloadable at no cost. There are also documents on the G8 meetings and delegation discussions held there.


The Global Trade Analysis Project

This database may be purchased and cannot be accessed online. It contains detailed bilateral trade, transport and protection data characterizing economic linkages among regions, linked together with individual country input-output data bases which account for inter sectoral linkages among the countries.


Institute for Statistics in Italy

This database is accessible only in Italian and English. The databases available on this site are extremely specific and detailed accounts of the Italian economy. Some examples of data on line at this site are furniture sales, regional Italian statistics, foreign trade, industrial turnover, consumer price index, industrial production, and a "Italy in Figures" readable using Adobe Acrobat, that gives color images of every statistic known about Italy: Environmental indicators, employment, trade, schooling and more.


Inter-American Development Bank

These databases are located under "statistics" and include a searchable web database, statistical tables and graphs, country data, and regional reports. The statistical tables and graphs have regional statistics on trade related activities and Latin America and individual countries in graphs. Country data has basic socio economic data and trade and integration profiles. Regional reports contain information on the economic integration of the Latin American region and economic assessment reports of individual country and industry sectors.


The International Monetary Fund

This is a good site for statistics on developing countries, including GDP and other macro-econ data.


U.S. International Trade Commission/ International Economic Review

This site is read with Adobe. The reviews provide technical information and advice on trade matters. There are statistics inside the articles.


International Trade Data System

This site has definitions of terms and import/export statistics.


International Trade Data Network

This site has databases with trade data, but you must be a member to get in.


The International Trade Desk

This site functions as a screening site for listing sources of trade information. Therefore, there is a wide variety of written as well as statistical information. It is maintained by an advisor to the US Trade Representative.


International Trade Institute of Bolivia (IBCE)

(Site available in Spanish and English)

IBCE, a trade promotion technical institution, contains information on international transactions possibilities, fairs and trade commissions, business opportunities, and economic integration procedures. Particularly useful are its online publication issues, and trade statistics.


Internet Resources for International Economics and Business

This site is designed to help students studying international business and economics by giving the essential information on trade, finance, law, and more.


National Trade Data Bank

Inside the National Trade Data Base (NTDB) there are databases on three areas: country market research, industry specific analysis, and best market reports. There are also statistical databases on imports and exports by country.


The Overseas Economic Cooperation fund, Japan


South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation (SAARC)

The SAARC web site has databases that deal with trade statistics on interregional imports and exports and also imports and exports worldwide from SAARC individual members and the region at large. The site also list statistics on the macro economic indicators in SAARC member nations, including GDP levels, employment rates, and most efficient products.


State Committee the Russian Federation on Statistics (Goscomstat)
(in English and Russian) 

The website offers official information on the principle economic and social indicators. The website posts annual and quarterly comprehensive social-economic reports that cover all sectors and indicators of Russia’s development. It also publishes the statistical analysis of individual sectors and issues.


Statistics Canada

Excellent source for national statistics of all kinds.

Stat-USA Home Page

Inside the National Trade Database (NTDB) there are databases on three areas: country market research, industry specific analysis, and best market reports. There are also statistical databases on imports and exports by country.


Trade Compass

Includes statistics on global trade, import/export, trade leads, logistics, and e-commerce.


Trade Data Base—Canada

This site has information on Canadian trade statistics and trade logistics, including census stats and harmonized system stats.


Trade and Environment Database


United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

This site will give you access to the Industrial Development Abstracts (IDA) database. It provides information on the activities of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) on how to assist industrialization in developing countries. It gives you partial access to over 11,000 indexed abstracts of UNIDO documentation and includes descriptions of major studies and reports on UNIDO's technical cooperation activities, reports and proceedings of expert working groups, workshops and seminars,

and publications in series from 1981 to the present. Full reports can be purchased on-line.


United Nations Statistics Division

United States International Trade Commission (USITC)

This purpose of this site is to link you to the various databases around the world. The database section of the site is divided by country. You can choose any nation and the corresponding trade related data base listed for it. Only the US, Canada, the EU, Finland, Japan, and Norway are represented. Multilateral organizations with ties to trade also have their web sites linked to this database site.


University of Michigan

This site links you to valuable databases from the government or other U.S. universities. Some of the topics for trade links are business and industry, with employment and productivity database links. Foreign trade with U.S. imports and exports database links. Foreign government with statistical agency links. Agriculture with crops and livestock database links. International and domestic economic sites with historical and current economic trend database links.


U.S. Census Bureau

This is a good site for information that will highlight a range of statistics on exports, imports, trade balance, and goods by category and geography. Not incredibly in-depth.


U.S. Department of Commerce/ International Trade Administration/ Office of Media Affairs

This site has good statistics on the emerging markets, including the ASEAN nations.


U.S. Department of Commerce/ Stat-USA/National Trade Data Bank

STAT-USA is the headquarters of the National Trade Data Bank. It is sometimes necessary to have a special member code, depending on the computer from which it is accessed. This site gives all information on the U.S. export statistics by country, harmonized code export statistics, import statistics for the U.S., market access data, country commercial guides, industry analysis reports, and more.


The World Bank

This is a good site for statistics on developing countries, including GDP and other macro-econ data.


World Trade Database

The goal of this site is to bring China-interested trade students and entrepreneurs together. The site also offers some statistics on trade with China.


World Trade Links

Trade reports, trade promotion and analysis, regulations, statistics.


The World Trade Organization (WTO)

This site is maintained by the multi governmental WTO. The databases available are either related to country specific economic status or world trade regulations.


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