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  Import/Export Promotion Programs



Export and Import Controls Bureau (EPD)


EPD is responsible for administering the Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA). The website posts annual handbooks that contains information concerning the import or export controls requirements. Imported or exported goods that are required to obtain permits are categorized. The website also presents the report of the Foreign Affaires Minister on operations under the Export and Imports Permits Acts.



The China External Trade Development Council (CETRA)
CETRA is a Taiwanese non-profit trade promotion organization in the Republic of China. Jointly sponsored by the government, industry and commercial associations, it assists Taiwanese businesses and manufacturers to reinforce their international competitiveness and to cope with the challenges they face in the foreign markets. In addition, CETRA undertakes many initiatives to help foreign businesses establish a wider presence in Taiwan.

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)

JETRO is a nonprofit, Japanese government-supported organization dedicated to promoting mutually beneficial trade and economic relationships between Japan and other nations.


(Site available only in Spanish)
This site is dedicated to generating foreign investment in Cuba. It provides information on collaboration projects with Cuban nationals. It includes information about the best investment and export opportunities. It also contains trade show information.


Haitian Business Directory
Contains a list and contact information of Haitian business people and the type of goods that they produce and would like to trade.


Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA)

This is a memberís only site for people who want to import products from the Caribbean. It contains a sample of memberís monthly newsletter that CEDA has to promote exports from the Caribbean.




BFTO Belgian Foreign Trade Office
BFTO is an export promotion office for businesses in Belgium. Includes information regarding business in Belgium, federal actions, publications, export figures by industry, links to exporting small and medium sized enterprises, economic assets of Belgium and useful addresses.


ICEP (Investment, Commerce and Tourism)

Promotes Portugalís economy abroad. Contains: investment opportunities abroad for Portuguese businesses, and in Portugal; details of export promotion projects, and in-depth information on Portugal.



Austrade is the Australian Trade Commission - the federal government's export and investment facilitation agency. Mission: to help Australians win export business and generate inward and outward investment


Latin America

Proexport Colombia

(Site only available in Spanish)

Site dedicated to export promotion in Colombia. Many pages under construction.



CORPEI (Ecuador)

(Site available in Spanish and English)

Export promotion organization. Information on country as a place for investment, and much information on national trade laws.


International Trade Institute of Bolivia (IBCE)

(Site available in Spanish and English)

IBCE, a trade promotion technical institution, contains information on international transactions possibilities, fairs and trade commissions, business opportunities, and economic integration procedures. Particularly useful are its online publication issues, and trade statistics.


Magallenes Ė Forwarder Chile

(Site available in Spanish and English)

Foreign trade promoter to exporters, forwarders and importers. This is a private service provider.



(Site available in Portuguese, English and Spanish)

Contains contact information for exporters and importers; product codes; current trade opportunities; trade transportation details; particularly useful is the Balance of Trade information for the country.




Russia at Your Finger Tips

The website provides links to the projects and business organizations that aim at enhancing Russiaís trade relations with other countries. The websites offers analytical papers and articles on the trade and investment issues. The website also informs on export and import opportunities in Russia.





Trade Facilitation Office, Canada

North America
Trade Point Florida

Trade Point Florida . Net strives to serve as the primary resource of information, contacts, technology and business-facilitating mechanisms to aid small and medium-sized importing and exporting enterprises.


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