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International Organizations


The World Trade Organization (WTO)

Available:  Extensive information about trade topics and trade resources.  This includes specific information about goods, services, intellectual property, environment, development, regionalism, trade policy reviews, dispute settlement, government procurement, e-commerce, research & analysis.  Resources include information about WTO Ministerial, on-line book shop, documents on-line, legal texts, media news room, stats, international trade, technical cooperation, trade policy courses, NGO’s links, FAQ’s, download files, meetings, members and newsletters.


UNCTAD- United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Available:  Information about the organization, events and meetings, technical co-operation, guide to publications, press and reference items, related links.  Includes information on the General System of Preferences (GSP), trade, environment and development, international investment agreements, positive agenda, e-commerce and development, greenhouse gas emissions and trade, LDC’s, multi-modal transport, UNCTAD and NGO’s, poverty alleviation, TRAINS (Trade Analysis & Information System), The biotrade initiative, competition law and policy, division on investment, technology and enterprise- development, debt management, investment promotion agencies, Trade Point Development Centre, Non-governmental liaison services, ASYCUDA.


Trade and Development Centre

Available:  World Bank Conference on Political and Regulatory Risks in Private Infrastructure in Developing Countries, Advisory Centre on WTO agreements, essays and case studies on developing countries and their perspective on the millennium round, specifically in regards to agriculture and capacity building.


International Trade Centre

Available:  Explains their functional advisory services, including enterprise competitiveness, export packaging, international purchasing and supply management services, export quality management, legal aspects of trade, market news service, intra-African trade promotion, market news services, technical transfers to LDC’s, research and analysis unit.  In addition there are news releases, publications, info-bases, regional publications and extensive links organized in alphabetical order, region and type of information.


World Bank

Available:  Explanation of mandate, brief country descriptions with country data and country assistance strategies.  1999 annual report, information on regions, countries, topics and sectors.  School and teachers, development forum, NGO’s and civil society, speeches, on-line bookstore, data, maps, operations and policies.  Business and private sector and research.  Development framework, news, speeches and events.  These topics include anti-corruption, economics, education, energy, environment, financial sector, gender, health, nutrition and population, informatics, telecommunications, labor, social protection, law, development, mining, participation, poverty reduction, public sector, private sector development, rural development, agriculture, social development, transport, urban development, water supply and sanitation, non-governmental organizations and civil society, government procurement, project financing tools, risk management tools, financing for small and medium enterprises, advisory services, investment marketing services (IMS), information services, learning programs.


G8 Information Center

Available:  Search engines by issue, country and year, information summits, meetings, and country information.  Information about the transfer from seven to eight countries, G8 in the news including research groups, the professional advisory council, teaching programs, analytical studies, G8 registry and a speakers series.  Information regarding scholarly writings, such as bibliographies, publications and papers, G8 governance and the annual conference as well as related links.


International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Available:  news releases, publications, country information, fund rates, standards, codes and search mechanisms.  This site includes information on economic issues, reviews, IMF staff country reports, international financial statistics, data discrimination, fiscal transparency, supplement series, occasional papers, pamphlet series, papers on policy analysis, policy assessments, training series, working papers, world economics, financial surveys, IMF surveys, finance and development, IMF staff papers, working papers, Article IV staff reports, staff country reports, papers on policy analysis and assessment, international capital market, world economic outlook, exchange rates, and interest rates. 


Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO)

Available:  Stats, database, magazine, archives, and resources.  Database on agriculture includes ten main subjects such as legislation, economy and development (includes trade), plant science and production, plant protection, post harvest technology, animal science, production and protection, agricultural machinery and engineering, natural resources and environment, processing of agricultural products, and pollution.  The database on economics includes stats, commodities and trade, economic studies, food security, nutrition, food quality, global perspectives and stats databases.  The fisheries database includes information on resources, production, trade, management, environment, socio-economics, stats, publications, library, meetings, regional offices, and statutory bodies.  The forestry database includes information by country, subject, structure and mission, publications, databases and site maps.  The nutrition database includes information on food nutrition and agriculture review, Codes Aliementarius Commission, JECFA, food composition, nutrition, education, nutrition requirements, household food security, food control, nutrition assessment, international conference on nutrition, food and nutrition data, and publications.  The database on sustainable development includes information on women and population, participation, institutions, land tenure, rural administration and cooperatives, energy, environment, information policy, planning and management, research and technology, extension and education and communication.


Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Available:  Links regarding development and the environment, research and advisory work, publication, conferences and facilities, teaching and training.  Access to the British library for development studies (Europe’s largest library on international development), ID21 a research reporting service summarizing the latest development research, BRIDGE an information and analysis service on development and gender and Devline, a system design and hosting services for information on development. 


International Sustainable Development Studies Institute

Available:  Information on ongoing negotiation processes.  Trade and sustainable development.  Extensive information on the environment. 


Organization of Economic Cooperation and Developement (OECD)

Available:  Under activities- information regarding development/co-operation, (including the Development Centre, and the Development Assistance Committee).  Relations with non-members, economics and long term analysis (including the economics department and international futures programme), education, employment, labor social affairs, energy (including the international energy agency, nuclear energy agency), environment issues, finance, investment, taxation and competition. (as well as OECD principles of corporate governance, e-commerce, regulatory reform, aging society, sustainable development, transport, trade, territorial development, stats, science, technology and industry, public management, initiatives, corruption, money laundering, food, agriculture and fisheries, current issues- news releases, and upcoming events.  OECD news includes news releases, upcoming events, publications, monthly statistics, speeches, observer magazine and policy briefs. 


Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD

Available:  Information on current projects regarding, corporate governance, biotechnology, guidelines for MNE’s, and climate change.  BIAC information, news, upcoming activities, statements, and positions.


United Nations Statistics Division

Trade statistics by country and product group (1992-1996) Import trade statistics by section and product group (1992-1996), Export trade statistics by section and product group (1992-1996)


United Nations Industrial Developement Organization (UNIDO)

Available:  A description of UNIDO and its purpose, news, events, contacts, publications search and customs.  Information regarding utilities, country profiles, links related to business, reference information regarding geography, industrial development abstracts, UNIDO projects, stats, industrial inquiry service, energy and the environment.


United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP)

Available:  Links to environmental and sustainable development sites, official UN documents, UNON, UN around the world, environmental issues, state of the global environment, products, services, countries, regions, conventions, calendar, and events.


United Nations Development Project (UNDP)

Available:  Focus areas on poverty, gender, environment, and governance.  Access to UN systems, such as the UN web site locator, UN bookmarks, and UN agency information and permanent missions. 


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

Available:  Information center for women inventors, conference on Intellectual Property, building project, e-commerce, arbitration, information technology (SCIT) library, PCT system, and press releases.


WIPO Arbitration & Mediation Center

Available:  Collections of Laws for Electronic Access (CLEA) IP Data Collections


International Labor Organization

Available:  Information about labor standards and human rights.  Databases with public information and publications (must order).  Information regarding conferences, governing body and meetings, programs and extensive links.


International Trade Centre

Available:  Explains their functional advisory services, including enterprise competitiveness, export packaging, international purchasing and supply management services, export quality management, legal aspects of trade, market news service, intra-African trade promotion, market news services, technical transfers to LDC’s, research and analysis unit.


International Federation of Alternative International Trade
IFAIT is an umbrella organization for Fair Trade Organizations. The site includes information regarding the organizations Code of Practice, constitution, members, activities, networking, market access, monitoring and a Resource Centre with papers regarding the Alternative Trade Movement. Includes Contact Information.


The Overseas Economic Cooperation fund, Japan

Available: OECF Activities, Mid-term prospects, and stats on ODA loans and private sector investment finance.  Includes information about Research Institute of Development Assistance (RIDA).  Details loans for development projects for social and economic infrastructure.


Center for Strategic and International Studies

Available:  Documents regarding security and trade issues.  This web site includes extensive regional information, as well as documents and publications, news, events, periodicals, publications, and press page


Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)

Available:  Official documents from the meetings of Western Hemisphere Trade Ministers, Origins and Structure of the FTAA, Trade Negotiations Committee which oversees and guides the FTAA negotiations, and information about Negotiating Groups regarding: market access, Investment, Services, Government Procurement, Dispute Settlement, Agriculture, Intellectual Property Rights, Subsidies, Antidumping and Countervailing Duties, and Competition Policy.



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