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Organization of American States (OAS)

Available: Information on trade and economic integration, full texts of trade agreements between countries of the Western Hemisphere. Summaries of the trade agreements, FTAA process, dispute settlement, intellectual property rights, and investment treaties. Publications regarding FTAA, Andean Community, regional agreements and multi-lateral negotiations.


Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA)

Available: Official documents from the meetings of Western Hemisphere Trade Ministers, Origins and Structure of the FTAA, Trade Negotiations Committee, which oversees and guides the FTAA negotiations, and information about Negotiating Groups regarding: market access, investment, services, government procurement, dispute settlement, agriculture, intellectual property rights, subsidies, antidumping and countervailing duties, and competition policy.


Available: Historical background, objectives, institutional structures, FTZ’s, safeguards clauses, general origin, securities market, international jurisdiction over contractual matters, educational integration, reciprocal promotion and protection of MERCOSUR investments, Argentina/Brazil bi-national companies, and double taxation.


Andean Pact
Available: Information regarding negotiations with MERCOSUR, legislation, judicial branch, documents, publications and press releases.


Latin American Economic System (SELA)
Available: Includes profiles of the organization, activities, publications, documents, articles, speeches, connections, and report.


Inter-American Development Bank
Available: Projects, statistics, finance, business opportunities, departments, press, publications, on topics such as agriculture, education, fiscal reform, information technology, labor and training, private sector, civil society, environment, health, infrastructure, microenterprise, reform of the state, countries, finance, indigenous peoples, integration and trade, poverty and equity, and urban development, women and youth.


UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
Trade and Development Centre
Available: Information regarding social and economic development and how it relates to trade. Advisory Centre on WTO Law, case studies on various countries and essays.


(Site available only in Spanish)
It looks at the various tariff rates on products traveling inside the ALADI, an intergovernmental organization from the 1960’s that promotes economic integration in Latin America. Text of trade agreements and information about the rules of origin are available. There are also statistics on either each member country as well as regional trade pacts.


INTAL-Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)
This site integrates data regarding Latin American and the Caribbean integration. There are bibliographies of the trade pacts.


Latin American Economic System (SELS)


OAS Foreign Trade Information System (SICE)
This site is dedicated to the Free Trade of the Americas. It covers subjects such as intellectual property rights, trade agreements between countries of the Western Hemisphere, dispute settlement procedures, and investment treaties.


This organization was created to oversee the process of economic integration in Central and South America. It has information on some of the projects that are currently under way, such as intellectual property issues, trade relations with China, and the modernization of labor markets in the region. It also provides detail on how to obtain information on trade in the region, including tariffs, papers, and licenses.


Summit of the Americas Center
This site was created to research the Summit of the Americas and how it connects in trade, economic, and political areas to Florida State.


United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UN-ECLAC)
This is a U.N. organization which has headline information updated regularly on top trade related topics. There is also information with U.N. publications, studies, economic and statistical surveys of the region. The site provides links to the local offices in North and South America.


American Chamber of Commerce, Brazil (AMCHAM)

(Site available in English and Portuguese)

This Chamber unites over 3,600 members of businesses of all sizes, with the goal of encouraging Governments to change their policies to promote commerce, investment and business between the US and Brazil. Contains information on economic conditions and analysis of Brazil and the US, as well as on their respective industrial sectors.


International Chamber of Commerce of Brazil (CAMINT)

(Site in Portuguese)

Organization to facilitate contact between the importers of Brazilian goods and Brazilian exporters. Contains a slide show describing the programs objectives, advantages, and methods.


Argentinean Chamber of Commerce

(Site available in Portuguese, English and Spanish)

Contains some information Argentinean trade, export promotion activities, and trade events.


Commercial Unit of the Organisation of American Nations (OEA)

(Site available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish)

A site dedicated to communicating issues of economic integration of the American nations towards establishing American Free Trade Agreement (AFTA). Available: texts on all economic agreements between the western nations; a link to the SICE (Foreign Trade Information System) website; information on the process towards AFTA; debates on economic integration problems; legal papers on Intellectual Property; agreement papers on investment between these nations.


Brazilian Government – Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce (MDIC)

(Site available in Portuguese only)

Available: Texts and publications on Brazilian trade legislation; International trade agreements, foreign trade policies, trade balance information; and information on the structure and procedures of the Chamber of Foreign Trade.


Brazil Tradenet

(Site in English, Spanish and Portuguese)

A reference point for companies engaged in trade with Brazil. It lists trade opportunities as well as investment opportunities for foreigners. Particularly useful is the section on "Information on Brazil," which covers all sectors of the economy thoroughly.


SEBRAE - Export Promotion Agency (APEX)

(Site in Portuguese)

Project of SEBRAE, a Brazilian Organisation with the goal of promoting SME’s in Brazil. Contains information on the procedures, legalities and contacts on exporting from Brazil. Particularly useful are: list of contact persons for export projects from various sectors and explanation of export-related documentation.


Confederation of Commerce Portugal (CCP)

(Site only in Portuguese)

Useful information on Portugal’s trade laws and regulations, a list of organizations supporting Portuguese economic sectors, and information on services it provides concerning international trade relations, price-setting for export, and for SME’s.


ICEP (Investment, Commerce and Tourism)

Promotes Portugal’s economy abroad. Contains: investment opportunities abroad for Portuguese businesses, and in Portugal; details of export promotion projects, and in-depth information on Portugal.



(Site available in Portuguese, English and Spanish)

Contains contact information for exporters and importers; product codes; current trade opportunities; trade transportation details; particularly useful is the Balance of Trade information for the country.


International Trade Institute of Bolivia (IBCE)

(Site available in Spanish and English)

IBCE, a trade promotion technical institution, contains information on international transactions possibilities, fairs and trade commissions, business opportunities, and economic integration procedures. Particularly useful are its online publication issues, and trade statistics.


Magallenes – Forwarder Chile

(Site available in Spanish and English)

Foreign trade promoter to exporters, forwarders and importers. This is a private service provider.


Pymesite – Argentina

(Site only available in Spanish)

A Web-portal related to trade for Argentina. Contains an extensive number of trade-related articles, on topics such as e-commerce, quality standards, human resources, intellectual property, investments, and technology.


Proexport Colombia

(Site only available in Spanish)

Site dedicated to export promotion in Colombia. Many pages under construction.


CORPEI (Ecuador)

(Site available in Spanish and English)

Export promotion organization. Information on country as a place for investment, and much information on national trade laws.



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