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South African Development Community

Available:  Business and economy links, market news, speeches, statements, reports, financial analysis, manufacturing concerns, industrial incentives, business contacts, science and technology, environmental conservation, mining, forestry and agriculture, marine resources, telecommunications, transportation, emerging markets, IMF portrait of South Africa, investor handbook and economic profiles of member countries.


Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS)

Available:  Institutions, specialized agencies, ECOWAS member states, community statutes, achievements and prospects, regional integration programs, peace and security, selected regional projects, conferences, events and publications.  

Africa Policy Information Center

Available:  Contextual information about African politics and economic development.


African Development Bank (ADP)

Available:  News, information, vision, organization chart, and information resource center

This site contains speeches made by governors and presidents of the ADP, press communications through 1998, a special events schedule with meetings, economic information about each African nation, and the official meeting records. There is also a section with the publications but out by the ADB. These can be downloaded and are available on accounting, the ADB vision, African country statistics, and the ADB impact on regional members. There is also the ADB review of African nations and the progress they have made. Reviews are done on a country basis.



Organization for African Unity (OAU)

The organization of African Unity has an in depth web site that discusses the different issues facing Africa. The site has a hot topics area and also a map with a display of the areas in conflict.


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