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National Bureau of Asian Research

Policy organization with research available online on economic, political, and strategic issues related to Asia. Research publications and analysis available for download in PDF format.


Keizai Koho Center

The Japan Institute for Social and Economic Affairs is associated with Keidanren and provides on its site economic and social data sheets by year in Adobe Acrobat format. There are also newsletters with insights into business trends in Japan and speeches by Japanese business leaders. From the site: "Keizai Koho Center provides publications and research for people outside Japan to deepen their understanding of Japan's industry and economy."



Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, Nationwide business association of over 1,000 companies and other industry groups in manufacturing, trade, distribution, finance, and energy. Policy statements, proposals, and reports are divided by category from the top level of the site. Also available are transcripts of speeches by the chairman of the organization and an electronic journal.


Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Deep site provides wide-ranging information to promote trade in the region. Trade information resources extend from "news flash" monitoring of WTO developments from the regional perspective to market profiles of Chinese provinces and economic indicators for these provinces.


National Institute for Research Advancement

An independent policy research organization within Japan, "NIRA conducts independent researches in many fields including politics, economics, international affairs, technology, and the role of state and local governments, among others." Available on the site are findings and summaries of current research projects, including work related to prospects for regional economic cooperation.


Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Economic Affairs

The English language version of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs site section contains policy statements on the most recent and relevant topics related to the Japanese economy in an international context.


South Asian Association of Regional Co-operation (SAARC)
This site includes a company directory, export/import data, on-line business inquiries, and member information
Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC)
This site includes information on publications, working groups, meetings and events. It outlines the policies, procedures, press releases, advisory, economic indicators, APEC services for business, network of networks for small and medium sized enterprises and related business links.

Association of South Eastern Asian Nations (ASEAN)

The ASEAN site includes information on the response to Asian financial crisis, economic measures, social measures, press releases, weekly meeting notes, speeches and articles, Hanoi Plan of Action, ASEAN Vision 2020, ASEAN Customs web site, Haze Control On-line, Food Security, and Cultural Information.

Asian Development Bank

Information on ADB, loans, technical assistance, research and consulting services in available through this site. The business center houses information regarding opportunities for co-financing, consulting services, procurement guidelines, employment opportunities, ADB Japan Scholarship Program, work in the region, policies, strategies, country operations, project activities, governance, social development, environment, law and development, private sector operations, ADB publications, film, video, multimedia, real video clips, photo library, ADB library, libraries in the ADB depositories, development focus and ADB reviews. It also includes news and events such as the annual meeting, news releases, news from resident missions, and representative offices.


Economic Planning Agency of Japan


Data about the Japanese economy produced by the government.  Resources include policy papers, confidence surveys, and white papers produced by the Japanese government.  Publications section also contains speeches by the Minister of the EPA.


Ministry of Finance

Japanese Ministry of Finance contains extensive information on Japanese fiscal policies, including tax reform, customs and tariffs, and currency issues.


Financial Services Agency (Japan)

From the Minister’s mission statement: “The FSA is responsible for all aspects of financial regulation, from the designing of financial systems to inspection, supervision, and surveillance of financial activities. The FSA is also responsible for all kinds of financial services, such as banking, securities business, and insurance.”  Currently contains limited information, but likely to grow.


Bank of Japan

Site includes monetary policy statements, research papers, speeches, reports, and statistics.  Deep content offerings with current information and aggregated data offered online and for download in PDF format.


Japanese Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Doyukai)

Policy proposals and speeches by non-profit group.  From the site: “KEIZAI DOYUKAI membership comprises approximately 1,500 top executives of some 900 large corporations, all sharing the common belief that corporate managers should be key players in a broad range of political, economic, and social issues.”



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