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 Caribbean Links

Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM)
(SICE Foreign Trade Information System)

Available:  Information about the community, information services, search stats, regional issues, and the year 2000, related links, bulletin boards, and search mechanism.


Caribbean Centre for Developement Administration (CARICAD)

Available: Information on human resource development, public sector reform, sustainable development, and publications.


Caribbean Export Development Agency

Available:  Publications, market research, trade correspondents, consulting services, trade information, trade policy, competitiveness, promotions, links to chambers of commerce’s, Industrial development institutions, sources of funding.



Caribbean Association of Commerce and Industry (CAIC)

This site has general information on contacts in the Caribbean who are involved CAIC. Part of the site has several press releases issued by CAIC on trade related events in the Caribbean.



Caribbean Banana Exporters Association

This site is dedicated to banana production in the Caribbean. There are statistics and information regarding the importance of bananas to the region.



Caribbean Development Bank

This site has information on improving the development of the states and the people in the Caribbean. To this end, there is information on education and technical aid directives established with the EU. There is also information on lending policies, procurement, and environmental policy in the Caribbean. The publications are written on topics such as globalization and economic development in the region.


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