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ACP Secretariat

This site is in English and French and has information on trade issues that involve the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group States. There means that the site has a list of ACP countries, declarations that the community has made regarding trade issues, and statements on the communityís tie to the EU. There is also financial and development statistics about the region.



Central European Initiative

This site looks at countries that are considered Central Eastern Nations, including Italy. You can click on the map and look only at a particular nationís statistics, or you can look at overall CEI information. There is a section with the names of members and organizers, how to become a member, how to submit your project ideas online, technical cooperation activities amongst members and non members in agriculture and law, and notes from the meetings.



Council of Europe

The Council of Europe web site has a list of the events and activities that the group organizes in Europe. There is also a page with texts of the EU Commercial Law, the Movement of Persons Act, Protection of Animals Act, and the European Convention on Human Rights.



European Centre for Development Policy Management

This site is dedicated to providing data on the development of the ACP nations that have a dependency on EU trade and trade packages. The research on the site is completely interested in looking at the EU aid packages to those countries and the extent that the aid is useful or not useful.



European Court of Human Rights

This site has the pending cases, judgments and decisions made on human rights related cases that have developed in the EU. There are also the texts of some human rights treaties and the press releases issued by the group regarding certain issues.



European Court of Justice

This site has case studies on justice related issues in the EU. There are also the text to EU sponsored laws on justice type legislation. There is justice statistics and a library with research and documentation on these issues.



European Free Trade Association (EFTA)

The Member States of the European Free Trade Association are Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. The site is divided into three areas including the Secretariat, Surveillance Authority, and Court. The Secretariat contains information in the forms of documents, agendas, legal texts, and statistics on the various membersí meetings and working groups on trade issues. The Surveillance Authority contains information on the obligations under the Agreement on the European Economic Area by which it must abide. The Court contains an introduction into the EFTA court and how problems are disputed and solved.



European Network on Debt and Development (EURODAD)

This site looks at the heavily indebted nations and the role that the EU can play in assisting them. There are sections with information sheets and briefing papers on many topics dealing with debt like the IMF, the World Bank, and specific country outlooks. There are also sections on Central American and EU conferences dealing with debt. For people not so familiar with debt issues, there is a background section on debt and the aims of the organization regarding debt.



European Union

Available:  Press releases, stats, policies by subject agencies, key issues, search and information.  Policies are listed by subject- agriculture, audio visual policy, competition, consumer policy and health protection, culture, economic and monetary policy, economic and social cohesion, education, employment, energy, enterprise policy, environment, enterprise policy, environment, fisheries, industrial policy, environment, fisheries, industrial policy, information and communication, information society, telecommunications, internal market, public health, research and technology, solidarity, trans-euro networks, transport, common commercial policy, common foreign and security policy, development policy, enlarging the EU, external relations, humanitarian aid, budgets, taxation and fraud.


European Union-Development Corporation



Forum on Europeís International Cooperation

This site has information on the members and the agenda that the group has for the year. There is a section with papers on meetings like "the Social Summit" and talked about from a development cooperation perspective, a dossier about the future of the cooperation between the European Union and the 71 ACP countries, EU enlargement and EU presidencies. This site links you to think tanks. The site is in French and English.



North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

In this site which includes NATO documents and a research library, you can find information on NATO members and trade, including issues like the promising industry sectors, trade in defense materials, and east-west trade differences/similarities.



Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)

This site is maintained for a regional security organization with 55 states in the EU, Central Asia, and North America. The site has top news stories on security issues. Relating to trade, the site includes information on supply management or contracting services for land, sea and air transportation and warehousing. There is also information on procurement and contracting for goods, supplies, other services. This includes a vendor database.



Western European Union (WEU)

The role of this site is to circulate information about the common defense and security of the EU. This is achieved by providing data on the economic cohesion of the area. There are several economic and trade treaties whose texts are provided on line. There is also information on these topics in the archives of the Transatlantic Treaty Forum page.


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