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  Trade Related On-Line Publications & Think Tanks


CATO Institute
Center for Trade Policy Studies

Available:  E-mail list, events calendar, publication library, audio & video files, trade links, jobs and research.  Based on goal of increasing public understanding of the benefits of free trade and the costs of protectionism.  



The Economic Strategy Institute

Available:  Topic of the week, upcoming events, publications (specific trade section), op-ed page, policy papers, and a search mechanism of archives and current publications.  This institute is oriented towards free trade.

Institute for International Economics

Available:  Academic publications regarding public policy and economics.

Available:  Daily news, special reports, A.M. Briefing (News), Community Spotlight, Campaign 2000, Bulletin Boards.  Current news- connections to think tanks, advocacy groups, international and domestic organizations, and government documents.  Non-partisan.  Issue of the week, archives, issues library, list of organizations by issue, add associations, foundations, businesses, universities, US & foreign governments, international organizations, media and misc.  Search mechanism.  



World Trade Magazine Online

Available:  International business, news, information and analysis.  



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