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   Trade Education


Academic and Professional Program for the Americas (LASPAU)
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Centro de Formación para la Integración Regional (CEFIR)

This site is only available in Spanish, but lists the services offered by the Center for the Formation of Regional Integration. There are conference rooms and video conferencing availabilities at this Center in Uruguay. The goals of the center are to bring interest world economic and trade players together to discuss issues and groups such as the World Bank and regional trade agreements.


Centro de Investigaciones para la Transformación (CENIT)

This site for the Investigative Center for Trasformation has training for people interested in Argentina and how to make Argentina more of a global player, including contributing to the debate about the possibilities and alternatives of social and economic transformation in Argentina. The Center does this via studies and investigations looking at the effects of economic policies. This site is only in Spanish and does not offer training courses, rather publications and a chance to talk to the Center members via Internet.


Colegio de las Américas
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Forum for International Trade Training 

The website offers a guide which describes the variety of opportunities for people seeking careers in international business and trade. It explains the broad role of each occupational function and duties that people in those positions perform.


Global Distance Education Net (DistEdNet)

The Global Distance EducationNet is a knowledge guide to distance education designed to help clients of the World Bank and others interested in using distance education for human development. The Network consists of a core site located at the World Bank and in all parts of the world. The site has information on how to design a distance learning course and how to ensure the learner benefits from it, the different ways of organizing distance education and how to manage budgets, teaching personnel, technology and student administration.



Hispanic Education Telecommunications System (HETS)

The purpose of HETS is to increase post secondary education opportunity for Hispanic students using distance education technology. Hardware is being purchased through a Department of Commerce National Information Infrastructure Public Television Facilities Program (PTFP) grant. HETS is a consortium of universities and colleges with an enrollment of Hispanic students greater than 25%.

The site has a course list for Spring 1999.


Institute for Hemispheric Trade

The site provides information clearinghouse, research, training, partnering, and technical assistance services to public and private sector institutions, trade professionals, students and entrepreneurs involved in the trade development process in the Western Hemisphere. The Hemispheric Trade Development Institute will arrange and coordinate delivery of the following services via the Internet: How to Set-up an Export Trading Company , Succeed as an International Consultant, Develop an Effective Export Business Plan , Do Business with Latin America , Customs Brokering/Freight Forwarding , International Law, International Finance, and International Marketing.


Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM)
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Latin America Trade Network (LATIN)
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North-South Center, University of Miami

This site is from the North South Center from the University of Miami. There is school information and how to become a center intern. There is also trade data on North-South issues such as those that take place in Peru with a possible new president, the implications of World Bank policies, and the new EU-Latin America relationship. There are publications on these issues for purchase or download.


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San Diego State University, International Training Center Organization (ITC)

This site aims to contribute to an increased understanding of the realities of global development, serving the regional and international community through telecommunications-based educational programs. The International Training Center transmits annual series of twelve videoconferences on various topics crucial for global competitiveness such as quality and standardization, information technologies, strategic visioning, environmental responsibility, trade and diplomacy, health in the workplace and others. These programs are live and interactive, and include question and answer sessions to allow participants of each receive site to interact with the guest speakers via telephone or fax. In order to receive the programs, all that is required is a satellite or microwave antenna adjusted with the frequencies provided by ITC.


UNCTAD Trainfortrade


TRAINFORTRADE is an innovative program designed by UNCTAD in cooperation with ITC to develop human resources for international trade and related services to allow developing countries to enhance competitiveness and to take advantage of the new opportunities for trade. The site discusses the programs on two main principles: (a) training is most efficient if it is implemented through regional/local training institutions in the framework of national HRD policies; and (b) cooperation among countries should be developed through the strengthening of local institutions associated in a cooperative network. The main activities are development and delivery of training packages such as:
  • HRD workshops: HRD managers, Course Developers, Course leaders; Commodity trading: Futures and options market, Physical markets; Trade policies: National trade policies, competition policies, Trade and the Environment; Trade perspectives: Trade with EU Single Market countries.
  • In cooperation with ITC: Doing business in the PTA and with export oriented joint-ventures.
  • New training packages are being developed on international commercial diplomacy, trade financing and trade efficiency. Three training packages on investment and transnational corporations developed by the UNCTAD Programme on Transnational Corporations and Investment are being updated.



UNICA Network
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USIA Colleges and University Alliances Program

Through the USIA site, there is CIVITAS, an international consortium for civic education, which aims to strengthen effective education for informed and responsible citizenship in new and established democracies around the world. The CIVITAS consortium is composed of individuals, non-governmental associations and governmental institutions from many countries as well as international organizations. The site shows the teaching resources, including bibliographies, lesson plans, and curricula, a calendar of events, and a downloadable documents section.


Virtual Center at the Institute for Caribbean Studies
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  Training Programs
WTO trade policy course program

Aim:  Provide greater understanding of trade matters to trade for officials from the least developed countries (LDC’s).  Focuses on functions of the multi-lateral trade agenda and the work of the WTO.  Address provisions of the agreements resulting from the Uruguay Round, rights and obligations of member nations.  Includes lectures on WTO law, negotiating techniques, simulation exercises, and a study tour in Switzerland.  This has existed since 1955 and is funded by other countries.   

The Ronald H. Brown Foundation

The Center for Politics and Commercial Diplomacy in Washington, D.C. is part of Howard University.  This is also linked with Middlebury’s Geonomics Institute.  This is an undergraduate summer/fall fellowship program.  It includes lectures on public opinion research, marketing and media relations, fund raising, voter contact and campaign technology, electoral stakeholders, and coalition building.  This coursework is complemented by internships in Washington D.C.


The Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce

This graduate program is part of the University of Kentucky-Lexington Campus.  This program offers classes on negotiating and relates it to international commercial issues. 


Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

This program does not focus exclusively on commercial issues, however it looks at international trade law in a separate program.  Includes a list of full text multi-lateral agreements.  Includes the Treaty of Rome, NAFTA, the Marrakech Agreement, and agreements regarding e-commerce and IPR treaties.


The Monterey Institute of International Studies

The Monterey Institute of International Studies offers two-year Master of Arts degrees in commercial Diplomacy. Visit the website for the most up-to-date information



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