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  Middle East Links


Arab Fund for Economic & Social Development (AFESD) 

 Available: information on member states, board of directors, operations, resources, loans, technical assistance, list of grants and AFESDD contacts. Operations information on loans, projects, commitments by sector, technical assistance, and financial statements. Resources information such as financial statements, income and expenditures, sources and applications. Growth in resources, status of loans and technical assistance.



Available: information about OPEC, its members, and meetings. Also included are speeches and announcements, media information, press releases and statements.



Comprehensive site for information about the United Arab Emirates. Type “trade” into site search engine for information on the oil and gas industries, the economy, industrial development, agriculture and fisheries, hotels and tourism, international trade, and business.


The Saudi Network

This site has separate pages with information on the following in Saudi Arabia: accounting firms; chambers of commerce; trade shows; banks, the Saudi Business Center; embassies, law firms, market research firms and links to Arab newspapers and businesses.

Comprehensive site for information about Iran. The “Economy” section contains links to the following information: agriculture and fisheries; economic administration; economic indicators; economic plans; finance and banking; foreign investment, free trade zones; IT, telecommunications and Internet, manufacturing industry, oil, gas, and energy; the stock exchange; trade fairs and exhibitions.


Gulf Trade Mark Services

Information provided by company that facilitates trademark registration throughout the Arab world.


Egyptian Trading Directory

This website provides free directories (address, contact name, telephone and fax numbers and links to webpages, where available) to factories, import/export companies, agents, banks, insurance and maritime companies in Egypt.


Jordan Trade Association

This site provides member information, services provided by the Association, trade opportunities and information.

This is a private news site with an excellent business section for news of the Arab world. Links from the business page include: IT business; oil and energy; automobile industry; banks and finance; companies; stocks and currency; products; as well as information by country.


Arab World Business


This site contains current regional news in general as well as daily coverage of the oil and gas industries, export/import information, embargoes, and other trade-related information. It also maintains sections on finance, markets, and economy.


Arab World Online

Arab World Online an excellent source for in-depth regional information. The front page features “Tradeline,” which posts weekly articles on regional trade topics. Articles going back several years are available. The site also contains a searchable commercial database, legal information for doing business in the Gulf as well as links to various chambers of commerce.


Arab-American Affairs

This site has a permanent link to its Trade Calendar, which posts information for current-related events taking place in the Middle East.


Arab Trading Online

This site serves as an extremely large portal for trade and business information dealing with the Arab world.



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