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National Trade Offices

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  National Offices of Trade

National Office of Statistics

Only part of this is in English, and the majority is in French. The site has a trade section limited to statistics on economic and social issues.


Ministry of Industry

This site has information on privatization attempts in Anglola and trade related legislation. The site is entirely in Portuguese.


Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio Internacional y Culto

This page is temporarily under construction.


(Ministry of economic affairs)

This site has short paragraph type information on issues in Aruba relating to economic diversification, stability, and development. There are no data bases or export/import contact related pages.


Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

This site includes links to Ministers, Executives, General Information, Australia’s diplomatic and consular offices, travel advice, travel to Australia, the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, Diplomatic services, the East Asia Analytical Unit, International Media Centre, media Services, Publications and Business Services.

The Trade Policy icon leads to information about APEC, Austrade, Cairns Group, Calendar of trade related events, CER-AFTA, CER-Aust/NZ, E-commerce, Export finance policy, market access, Multilateral procurement, Market development task force, Trade liberalization, Trade and economic statistics, Trade negotiations, the Australia and WTO dispute settlement, and Trade outcomes and objectives statement.. The Foreign Affairs icon leads to information about ASEAN, Asia-Pacific Security, AUSaid, Australian National Commission for UNESCO, Australian safeguards office, Chemical weapons convention, Environment, Human rights, International organizations and legal issues, International security Landmines, Treaties and a Foreign policy white paper.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

This site includes news, the government structure, relevant Ministers, missions, useful links.


Foreign Trade Office

The Belgian Foreign Trade Board maintains this site that looks at the Belgian economic assets and the potential for these to be used by exporters/importers. The site has publications that look into these points and also offers an on line exporters directory with contact information on producers in Belgium. The "Federal Trade Point" section of the site is a further development of trying to help international businesses make connections in selling Belgium products.


The National Employment Program

The site provides a list of government members, legislative branch, list of members of the national assembly, the committees, the Presidents, parliamentary groups. The site includes weekly report from the Council of Ministers, Text of the constitution, and links to the Benin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Terms and Rules for investing in Benin, and a listing of the investment code. Includes demographic data, the main cities and regions within Benin, and a directory of non-governmental organizations in Benin. The site provides a search of information and documents from the National Economic Conference.


Ministerio de Comercio Exterior y Inversión


Ministry of Commerce and Industry

This website exists to promote the socio-economic development of Botswana. To this end, it has information on the commerce office in the country and who to contact there if you have a specific inquiry. The web site is not set up to take import/export requests.


Ministerio de Desenvolvimiento, Industria, y Comercio Exterior

This site is entirely in Portuguese. It has information on the industrial, commercial and service sectors of Brazil. There is also a page with the economic and financial indicators relating to trade business in the country. Finally, there are several pages that look at the policy relating to industry and commerce domestically and as pertains to WTO compliance.


Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources

Includes information about international relations, trade development, history, principles organizations structure, departments and corporate investment. Provides information regarding BIMP-EAGA, Regional International Trade Development, ASEAN, Multi-lateral economic cooperation. `The site is divided by divisions such as policy and administration, resource centre, industrial promotion, and ministers and officials.


Burkina Faso
Official Home Page of the Government


Prime Minister’s Office

The site includes an English and French version. Includes information about the prime ministers office, Acts and speeches from the prime minister’s office, Information regarding the environment, Cabinet meetings, Economy, Texts, Poverty, Current events, governance.


Cape Verde
Republic of Cape Verde Home Page

This is an unofficial Cape Verde with no economic information. It talks about cultural events.


Central African Republic

Provides basic country data, large industry information, map of the country, news and views, companies, employment, events, facilities, organizations, personalities, projects, publications, tenders, trade, and links to African resource network, and other countries of Africa.




Dirección General de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales

Includes information regarding international economic agreements, themes of international trade, trade, investment and economic indicators, analysis and related links.


Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation

Includes headlines news, business sites, government sites, ministers, speeches, basic policies, resonsibilities, departments, publications, overseas organizations, regional information, laws and regulations regarding foreign trade, investment, finance and foreign exchange, customs and taxation, commodity instpection and environmental protection.

There is a statistics data regarding foreign trade, utilization of foreign capital, foreign economic cooperation, China companies, the China market, China investment technology trade, exhibitions and fairs.


Foreign Investment Promotion Agency

Includes facts and figures, the Columbian economy, sociopolitical climate, legal framework, advantages and incentives, publications, news, talking points, secotral profiles and projects, investment figures, law/consulting firms, publications, export and import figures, links and contacts.


Official Home Page of the Government


Costa Rica
Ministerio de Comercio Exterior (COMEX)

This is the external relations site for trade information in Costa Rica. The site contains data on commercial agreements between Costa Rica and other nations, including multilateral treaties. There is also information on investment policy in Costa Rica. There is an in depth listing of tariffs on goods entering Costa Rica and statistics on the amount and type of goods that enter and leave the country. The site has a series of downloadable publications on working groups in the government on trade and non-trade related topics.


Cote d’Ivoire
Economic Office of the Ivory Coast

Includes an overview of the nation, economy, business guide, including information regarding services, tourism, practical guide and news. The information regarding investment, privatization programs, banks, insurance, economic indicators, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors and embassy addresses.


Official Home Page of the Government

This site is entirely in French. It lists data on the telecommunications industry in Djibouti. It also has information about internet and cellular sectors in the country. There is a complete listing of telecom related tariffs on services and goods entering the country.


Dominican Republic
DOPEX-Centro Dominicano de Promoción de Exportaciones

The site allows you to search commercial missions, publications, commercial offices, representatives, export statistics, legislation, commercial guides, legislations about international trade, international commercial agreements, statistics on exports by product.


Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

This site has information on foreign affairs as relates to Ecuador. There are publication put out by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, although none are directly related to trade. The publications are mainly written with an emphasis on Ecuadorian history and relations with other Latin American nations.


Ministry of Trade and Supply

Includes social indicators, economic indicators such as monthly and quarterly economic digest, laws, decrees, and ministry overview.


El Salvador
Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

Provides opportunities, events, foreign relations, mutlilateral and bilateral agreements, diplomatic relations, promotion, economic relations, library publications, and recent activities.


Official Home Page of the Government

This site includes links to producers of chemical products, contact lenses, leather products, metal products, minerals, paper printing, products made by the handicapped, textiles under the trade and industry icon.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Includes information foreign policy, European Union (EU), integration in Estonian society, consular information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government and Ministeries, publications, press releases speeches and coming events.


Contracting Government Organization—Ethiopian Trade Point

The Trade point includes general information about the purpose and objectives of the organization and the services they offer. The site contains information about export products, country information, publications, companies, investment information, travel, tourism and other links.


Ministry of Trade and Industry

Contains information regarding industrial policy, efficent markets, energy and the environment, technology policy, consumer policy, news, MTI and the EU.


Official Home Page of the Government

Contains information about the history, geography, government, investment opportunities, economic development, tourism, important numbers, commercial guide, the cabinet, the competitive edge in the domestic market, Centre for innovation, potential for growth the benefits of the Gambia’s location, and the business climate.


Official Home Page of the Government

This site consists of information related to the business climate in Ghana. This includes information about the power sector development policy, internet services, broadcasting, SOC Ghana, internet bills, currency exchange and news headlines.


Ministry of Trade, Tourism, and Industry

This site consists of information related to international trade such as tourism, schools, government, special events, country profiles, visas and passports, cultures and traditions, business opportunities and international missions. The site also has information about agriculture, the Caribbean, environment, education, health, information technology, trade, Scitech, students,


Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores

This site offers information regarding national reconstruction, the situation in Nicaragua, news, national institutions, Central American integration, international organizations and foreign ministries.


Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism
In Hungarian.


Ministry of Trade and Industry


Ministry of Commerce Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Contains information about export-import policy, procedures, public notices, notifications, circulars, e-commerce schemes and speeches.


Ministry of Industry and Trade

The main goal of this site is to explain about the investment opportunities in Israel. There is a list of industries that want foreign investment along with contact information. These pages contain a listing of sectors like biotechnology, encryption and data, environmental technology, alternative energy, health care, software, and telecom. There are also pages with company information.


Ministry of Commerce and Technology

This site offers a portfolio of industry sectors in Jamaica. There are no contact numbers given nor specific data on company types. There is information on recent trade events on the front page that involves or directly impacts Jamaica.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

This web site simply lists the functions and objectives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Jamaica.


Ministry of Industry and Trade


Ministry of Tourism, Trade, and Industry

Offers headlines, travel guides, geography, provinces and districts, climate geology, government main page, agencies, information regarding trade, employment, economic policy, markets, cooperation, investment and world bank.


Ministry of Economy and Trade

Contains information in regards to ongoing projects, publications, services, events, indicators, recent decrees, regulations, agreement, profile, departments, fairs, exporters online.


Lesotho National Development Corporation


Ministry of Art and Industry

This site is in French and lists the import/export opportunities in Madagascar. It also has in depth information on the different investment opportunities in the nation and the different industry sectors and their corresponding investment requirements and regulations. There is a list of the products that are made in Madagascar and legislative texts that deal with trade in and outside of the nation.

In French


Investment Promotion Agency

The Malawi Investment Promotion Agency (MIPA) includes information about Malawi (in general), the investment process, investment opportunities, incentives, permits, and search.


Ministry of International Trade and Industry

This site includes information on trade from Malaysian Minister’s speeches made at WTO and other trade related meetings. There are press releases by the office and important news updates on Malaysian related trade events. There are publications on the Asian Free Trade Agreement, Seattle, and WTO issues. There are pages on the requirements for import and export into the country. There are also international and domestic trade figures and statistics.


Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Handicraft

This site is in French and has information on the investment opportunities in Mali and the regulations that govern it.


Official Home Page of the Government


Official Home Page of the Government


Secretaria de Comercio y Fomento Industrial

Imcludes general information, news, headlines, directory, map, services for industry and trade, consultation for competitive business, commercial negotiations, regulations, ISO-9000.


Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Handicraft

This site consists of information related to the international trade, such as the ministry, contacts, publications, central registry of trade, who produces what in Morocco, the industrial investor guide, industry in figures, industrial property, quality and standardization, home trade, foreign trade, and organizations.

Official Home Page of the Government

This site provides general information about Mozambique, including basic facts, parliament, government, statistics, the economy, health, environment, informations, map, weather, and news. The economy icon includes information about economic policy, facts, figures, investment, exports, privatization, and the national institute of statistics.


New Zealand
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

This site is maintained by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade in New Zealand and explains about the role of New Zealand in the South East Asian and international trade policy. There is a list of the bilateral and multilateral trade agreements that New Zealand has signed and by clicking on those you can link to the text and further discussions on the agreements. Some of these are divided by nation and others by subject matter like environment, services, and textiles. There are also concise explanations of the role of New Zealand regionally, domestically, and internationally and the type of trade policy that it hopes to establish in these different domains. There is a page that talks about the types of areas where New Zealand businesses should take caution around the world.


Ministerio de Fomento, Industria, y Comercio


Non-Government Site

This site is in French and has trade statistics and news about the trade legislation.


Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission

Contains investment opportunities, information regarding relevant investment policies, legislation, incentives and other beneficial information


Ministry of Trade and Industry

Includes publications, press releases, speeches and a search engine of these documents.


Ministry of Trade, Economy, and Industry

Includes information regarding business services, market watch and related links.


Ministerio de Comercio e Industria

This site consists of information regarding administrative structures, the financial, commercial, and business sector. The site includes sections regarding mining, energy, banana growers, and international trade news.



This site gives a listing of the opportunities in trade and investment in Paraguay. There is a page with data on the types of Paraguayan businesses that are interested in these opportunities and their contact information. Most of these are in agriculture, manufacturing, and wood products. There is also a calendar of upcoming events relating to trade to take place in Paraguay and other parts of Latin America.


Official Government Site

If you click on "Industry and Commerce" you can find the home page in Spanish of the Chamber of Commerce. This page has basic information on doing business in Peru, a contact list for local business people, bulletins with new business updates, and a directory of the employees inside the Chamber of Commerce head office in Lima.


Department of Trade and Industry

The site provides assistance for investors, exporters, small and medium sized entrepreneurs, business in general, consumer links to trade related websites, foreign buyers, exporters, trade statistics, price monitoring, publications and a directory of information. The site includes a business link information system and a consumer assistance and information network system.

The site includes specific links to the Board of Investment, Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion, the Bureau of export trade promotion, Bureau of import statistics, Bureau of international trade relations, Bureau of product standards, Bureau of trade regulation and consumer protection, and the Center for international trade expositions and missions.


Commercial Bank of Rwanda

The Commercial Bank site includes key economic statistics, the profile of the bank, balance sheets, exchange rates, services, correspondents, and links.


Ministry of Trade and Industry

This site has recent news blurbs relating to trade and industry constantly portrayed at the bottom of the screen. The other sections of the screen are divided by the economic history of Singapore and an information center. The information center has data and publications on trade statistics relating to Singapore, economic surveys, Singapore’s competitiveness factor, and Singapore and international trade issues. Most of the publications can be bought on line for a small fee.


Solomon Islands
Department of Commerce

The site includes information regarding industries, agencies, Chamber of Commerce, business opportunities, direct links to businesses, fisheries, timber, coconut/palm, accountants, butchers, car sales, couriers, exchange rates, tourism, telecommunications, trading, wholesalers, imports and exports.

Saint Lucia
Ministry of Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Affairs


Ministry of Energy, Mining, and Industry

In French


Seychelles International Business Authority

The site contains information regarding transportation, infrastructure, tourism, history, political system, international affiliations, onshore investment, offshore investment, and the Seychelles international trade zone.


South Africa
Department of Trade and Industry


Sudan Embassy in US Page

This page is generated thanks to the US embassy in Sudan. It lists the commercial opportunities in Sudan for US business people and the contact information at the embassy for more specific questions.


Official Home Page of the Government

By clicking on the "Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade" you can see the contact information for this office. All other Ministry contact information is available on the home page.


Ministry of Industry and Trade
In Swedish


Ministry of Economy and Foreign Trade

Includes information regarding International economic relations, Arab relations, investment regulations, the affiliated establishments, and the primary Syria export.


Official Home Page of the Government

Includes a listing of senior officials, functions and contact information.


Ministry of Commerce

Includes information regarding their commercial planning and policy, foreign trade, internal trade, business registration and information, export promotion and development, trade negotiation and international trade policy, insurance, intellectual property and public warehouse organization.


Official Home Page of the Government

The site consists of a foreign affairs profile, the economy, financial sector, privatization, mining and the free trade zone.


Trinidad and Tobago
Ministry of Trade and Industry

This includes a trade facilitation company, trade and investment convention, trade information, news links, the tourism and the Tourism and Industrial Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (TIDCO).


Official Home Page of the Government
In French


Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade

Contains information about the Turkish economy, trade policies and Measures, exports, imports, technical regulations and standardization for foreign trade, doing business in Turkey, Commercial Counsellors, Free Trade Zones, Turkey and the EU, US and CIS.


Ministry of Finance

This privatization website provides a country profile, information about privatization and investment, investment opportunities, and inquiries.


Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores

The most trade related section of this Ministry of Foreign Affairs site is the page on the Free Trade Area of the Americas. This page is in Spanish and shows the one of the proposals made to a working subcommittee in the negotiations.


Ministerio de Industria y Comercio

The site includes the mission, objectives, potential market, services, assistance programs, infrastructure, general information, the financial and legal aspect of investment and commercial relations, in addition to the national institutions.


Ministry of Supply and Trade

Includes information about Yemen’s location, population, figures, statistics, information about laws and regulations, company links and a search engine for the information.


Official Home Page of the Government

Contains information about the Ministers, Deputy Ministers, members of Parliament, Speeches, Constitution, Political parties and briefing room.


Official Home Page of the Government

This site includes general information about the Zimbabwean government, such as the flag, anthem, country profile, geography, climate, population, history, religion, political system, regional and international organizations, the judiciary, education and training, social welfare, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, public services, tourism and Zimbabwean culture.


   National Officials & Organizations 


State Department Coordinator for Business Affairs

This page includes a description of the Office of the Coordinator for Business Affairs and how it plays a major role in coordinating trade and investment matters to support U.S. firms doing business overseas.


Austrian Foreign Trade Department

Includes information regarding exporting to Austria, economic facts, Austrian business leads, links, and activities in the U.S. Canada and Austria. Under the Export to Austria icon, there are links to information about links to the Foreign Trade Organization, European integration and trade policy, economic development and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.


Belgian Foreign Trade Board|

This site contains information about Belgian economic assets, publications, exporters, directory, the Federal Trade Point Brussels and links to webpages of exporting small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s).


Brazilian Government – Ministry of Development, Industry and Commerce (MDIC)
(Site available in Portuguese only) 

Texts and publications on Brazilian trade legislation; International trade agreements, foreign trade policies, trade balance information; and information on the structure and procedures of the Chamber of Foreign Trade.


Department of  Foreign Affairs and Trade, Canada
(Available in English and French) 

The Department’s mandate includes inter alia, coordination of Canada’s economic relations and fostering the expansion of Canada’s international trade. The website provides texts of recent Departmental news releases, statements and speeches. The website contains a link to the Departmental Library which holds a collection of materials on relevant areas.

Chinese Minister and Deputy Ministers of Trade

This site has the CVs and portfolios of the major Chinese Ministers and Deputy Ministers like Guangsheng Shi and Zhenyu Sun.


Denmark Minister for Foreign Affairs

This site has the CV and photo of the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs Niels Helveg Petersen.


Egyptian Ministry of Economy
Organizational Structure

This site contains a site map of the structure of the Egyptian Ministry of Economy.


Hungary Organizational Chart of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA)

This site contains a site map of the structure of the Hungarian Ministry of Economic Affairs with links to each division.


Hungary Leading Officials of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

This site has photos and resumes of the major Deputy Secretaries and the Minister Dr. GYÖRGY MATOLCSY.


Japan Minister’s profile|

This site contains the photo and CV of the Ministry of Trade and Industry.


Organization of the MITI (Japan)

This site contains the organizational chart of MITI with links to each division.


Malaysia Organizational Structure


Netherlands Structure and CVs

This site contains an introduction into the Netherlands economic affairs division.


Ministry of External Affairs in Mongolia

Click on "Ministry" and you can find the section that is about the people who work in the Ministry of External Affairs in Mongolia.


Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation

(Site in Russian only) 

The site offers information on the structure and members of the Ministry. It also contains press releases, news, and intervews from Russian periodicals concerning Russia’s accession to the WTO and other topics on Russia’s foreign trade. A list of main model documents adopted by the Ministry is also available.


Mongolia Organizational Structure

Click on "Ministry" to find the organizational structure of the Ministry.

Observatorio do Comercio – Portugal
(Site available in Portuguese, English and Spanish) 

This is an independent institution working within the Ministry of Economy, providing information on economic activities in Portugal. Has some information on the various economic sectors of the country and articles it published.



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