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Africa Policy Information Center

This site treats the themes of economic development in Africa and how these issues can advance the issues of democracy and human rights. This site has the most recent documents like Africa: Seed Updates Angola Sanctions Updates, Angola Accountability and Peace Updates, and USA Summit Documents. There are also older documents organized by date and country on issues like oil, debt, floods and war. There are policy theme pages on issues such as economic development, jobs, and trade creation.


Asian Development Bank

At this site you can find the reports that discuss the projects to which the ADB commits in Asia. Most of the reports are available on line and are related to topics of agriculture, capital in the market place, energies, fisheries, forestry, mining, and other ADB style works. These can then be explored in a project performance type report, a technical assistance report, or an impact evaluation analysis.

This site has nothing to do with libraries and resources. This site has links to other trade related sites around the world, including country transportation divisions for distribution information, customs offices for tariffs and quarantine information, and international magazine links.


FAO Library

There is a virtual library on this site with a wealth of information that is generated by the Fisheries and Forestry Departments, and in the Nutrition and Statistics Divisions.

This library is the major source of agriculture, fishery, forestry, and other related bibliographic information, documents and data. The information is generated by regional and country offices and in field projects conducted by FAO.


Global Group Export Trading Company

This site has a small trade library called the General Resource Library with two trade related categories on services and regulatory organizations and online sales and economic links. These are then further divided by categories, with the first only being linked to US Tax sites, and the latter having some shopping links.


Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

You must be a member of the University system that employs this site in order to take advantage of the library. The library has 30 years of research by the British Library for Development Studies. The site offers government publications, journals, and the published outputs of NGOs and research institutes worldwide is supplemented by

holdings of United Nations and World Trade Organization publications, for which BLDS has deposit library status..


International Federation of Alternative International Trade

This resource center has The full report from IFAT's Fifth Biennial Conference held in Milan, Italy, in May of 1999, a paper on how the Alternative Trade movement began, and personal experiences from a member on what is involved in setting up a Fair Trade Shop.


Multilateral Project: Trade and Commercial Relations

This site includes links to a variety of international trade agreements. This includes the GATT, the Summary of the final act of the Uruguay round, Convention on the OECD, Treaty establishing the European Community, International Convention of the protection of performers, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organizations, Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit import, export and transfer of ownership of cultural property, Universal copyright convention, WIPS copyright treaty, WIPO performances and Phonograms Treaty, UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, Convention on the Law Applicable to Contract Obligations, Unidroit Convention on International Factoring, Unidroit Convention on International Financial Leasing, the Convention on International Bills of Exchange and International Promissory Notes, NAFTA, NA Agreement on Environmental Cooperation and the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, WIPO-WTO Agreement between WIPO and WTO, UNCITRAL- draft model law on e-commerce, WIPO Copyright Treaty, OECD Multi-lateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) and additional links to Joel Trachtmanís International Economic Law Links, the International Trade Law Project, and the U.S. Council for International Business.

This virtual library has a trade section, in addition to economics, foreign affairs, environment, government reform, and labor sections. The trade section has papers on APEC, EU, fast-track, free trade, NAFTA, GATT, WTO, and the trade deficit. The papers are written by a variety of trade experts and are easily downloadable. Some of the papers are speeches given by trade experts.



Under market research, this site has a library of country and sector information. Clicking on any of the country or sector lines, you will get US Department of Commerce country commercial guides and market research reports.


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

This library is a specialized legal reference library with information on the field of intellectual property. It focuses primarily on copyright and industrial property laws and treaties. The site also specializes in an electronic bookshop and texts of WIPO administered treaties.

   Trade Case Studies

Trade and Development Centre

The case studies available on this site are mainly in the Africa and India categories, although more are being added. The African categories span the topics of the African trading system and African countriesí trade policies. The Indian categories are on, for example, opening agriculture and textiles markets in India.


UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

Trade and Development Centre

This is the same site as above.


   Trade Policy Research


(Site available in Portuguese, English and Spanish)

Contains contact information for exporters and importers; product codes; current trade opportunities; trade transportation details; particularly useful is the Balance of Trade information for the country.


CATO Institute

Center for the Study of Western Hemisphere Trade

This is a premier site that looks at the region south of Texas. It is dedicated to latin American issues and has a whatís new daily report on different areas of Latin America. There is also an Economy section and if you click on that, you can go directly to trade issues that are divided up amongst the member nations. Most of the subheadings are related to the trade pacts that the countries have signed.


Center for Trade Policy Studies

This site has paper publication services. The Cato Institute's Center for Trade Policy Studies seeks papers and proposals on a wide range of trade issues. The Center's publications include books, the Trade Policy Analysis and the Trade Briefing Papers series.


The Economic Strategy Institute

This site does not have trade policy research programs per say, but rather a series of events that are run to provide the general public the opportunity to listen to experts of international trade policy. Check the upcoming events part of the site for those meetings.


European Trade Study Group

The September 2000 conference will be held at the University of Glasgow. It will treat such trade topics as Foreign Direct Investment, dumping, and trade and competition.

For more information and a schedule of the previous yearís conference the site has a link.


Food & Agriculture Organization (FAO)

This site has a variety of trade related conferences that are conducted as weekend or week-long workshops in locations around the globe. Most of these conferences are open to participants who sign up on-line. The calendar with lists of dates and locations of events is available on line under upcoming events.


The Global Trade Analysis Project

This site has information on the Third Annual Conference on Global Economic Analysis which will be held in Melbourne, Australia from June 27-30, 2000. The conference is open to anyone, although there is a fee. The topics to be discussed in plenary sessions will be decided after the call for papers has been met. This information is available at the site.


Institute for International Economics


Institute for the Study of International Aspects of Competition


International Trade and Commercial Policy

This site has updates of the training that they have sponsored on a variety of trade-related topics. All of these updates are in the forms of the speeches presented at the conferences. There is no pre-conference listing. In order to attend the conferences, you would have to contact this site personally.


International Trade Centre

Part of UNCTAD and the WTO, this site offers services in the form of training on export related activities like export quality, packaging, competitiveness, and the Uruguay Round Follow-up Program. This training is on the dissemination of Uruguay Round related information, through "Business Guide" seminars and technical workshops; the identification of priorities for follow-up action; and the expansion and consolidation of the use of Uruguay Round related information by the business community.


National Bureau of Asian Research

Policy organization with research available online on economic, political, and strategic issues related to Asia. Research publications and analysis available for download in PDF format.


Trade and Development Centre

A joint venture of the World Bank and the World Trade Organization, site is for anyone interested in social and economic development and how these are related to trade. It offers information, analysis and comment on these issues and an opportunity to exchange views. There are training courses, documents on agriculture, WTO capacity, sustainable development, and case studies on member nations.


Tradewinds Publishing Co.

This is the site for Tradewinds Publishing Co. TradeWinds focuses on the electronic publication of information that assists in the promotion of International Trade. The site allows users to download documents regarding trade i.e. WTO Legal Texts.

Lex Mercatoria

  A commerce law and e-commerce infrastructure monitor.


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