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   Alphabetical listing of World Trade Centers



Haikou, China World Trade Center

This site talks about the different services that this particular WTC offers. It gives information about the local airports, islands, and business partnerships. It also clicks onto the WTCA main site.

World Trade center - Putra:

This site discusses the meetings and carrying capacity of the center. It also has information on upcoming events that will be held there, like the Metaltech 2000 meeting, the International Design Exhibition, and the Vending Asia 2000 exhibition.



World Trade Centre Montreal
(in English and French) 

The website provides information on activities and services provided by the center. The website offer news reports and press clippings on the matter of trade and beyond.


Toronto Board of Trade

The website provides information on the activities of the Board which include survey of export/import opportunities and organization of trade events. The website offers the list of Consulates in Toronto and international links. Board’s publications, including quarterly magazines, surveys, market guides are available at the website



Lyon, France World Trade Center

This site has information on this French WTC, including information on the workshops that the center has, membership and dues, activities, and events. There is some information on the businesses and then the business connection opportunities via this WTC.


World Trade Center, Hanover

The website represents information on services offered by the Center and activities carried out by the Center.


   Latin American

World Trade Center - Guadeloupe:

This site mainly has information about the center for those people who want to use it for meetings. There are photos of conference rooms and data on how much each site holds. There is no trade information.

World Trade Center- Mexico City

This site mainly has information about the center for those people who want to use it for meetings. There are photos of conference rooms and data on how much each site holds. There is information on nearby hotels and airflights to Mexico City. There is no trade information.



Baltimore World Trade Center

Contains information regarding membership, news releases, membership, FAQ’s, trade leads, trade research, trade shows, program reports, translators, bookstores, business seminars, international visitors, seminars, business seminar reports, international business news, special events and Stratfor’s Global Intelligence Center. Also includes investing reports by industry, region and country.

Boston World Trade Center

Includes information regarding conferences and trade shows, special events, event management, location and transport, accommodations, area attractions, maps, directories and press releases.

Atlanta World Trade Center
Contains WTCA news, events, trade opportunities, membership information, staff and board members, contact information, links to other WTC’s and the World Trade Center Association.
Detroit Windsor World Trade Center
Includes WTC information, services, resources, calendar, membership information, WTCDW network includes information on trade and services, real time trade leads, trade intelligence reports, market research, trade missions, events and trade news headlines.
World Trade Center- Mexico City
(Site available in English and Spanish)
Includes information regarding businesses, sponsors, hotels, expositions, affiliates, and contact information.
World Trade Center- Baja California
This site is primarily focused on trade between the U.S. and Mexico. Includes information regarding accommodations, banks, business and industry, car rentals, employment, entertainment, food and dining, government, marketplace, real estate, and trade statistics for both the United States and Mexico. In addition, the site has contact information, partners, services and events.


   World Trade Associations

World Trade Center Association

This site links to all member WTCs. There is an abundance of trade information on customer service issues and member services. There is also data on the top news trade and business stories with which the WTC has been involved. The site is not a good place to find trade data that is unrelated to the WTC.

World Chambers Network

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Worldwide Services, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Boutique, International Trade Information Center, Company files, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Index, International trade opportunities listed by continents, country reports, trade and customs, general information, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Forum, and Searchable files of exporters and importers.


Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, World Trade Center

The website provides information on events and services of the Chamber and the Center. The website represents the online issues of the mutual Chamber’s and Centre’s bulletin The Commerce News.



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