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Training Services Delivered by ITCD

In response to the growing need for trained experts in Commercial Diplomacy, ITCD designs, develops, and delivers training programs for professionals who deal directly with trade policy issues, negotiations, and the implementation of trade agreements. ITCD has developed cutting edge training materials specifically designed to provide hands-on training in the skills required by practicing trade policy professionals. The proprietary materials include manuals focused on the various skills required for the competent professional practice of Commercial Diplomacy. ITCD’s training package also includes an extensive set of case studies and negotiating simulations that provide the opportunity for hands-on training in the analysis and negotiation of real-world trade issues.

ITCD delivers both on line training through its companion web site, www.ITCDonline.com, and through locally delivered courses in host countries, Working directly with governments, universities, corporations, international organizations, and NGOs, ITCD identifies training needs and designs customized training programs on international trade and investment, trade policy development, and negotiations. Organizations with which ITCD has collaborated are as follows:

Training Services Delivered through and by Partner Organizations

ITCD has also developed partnerships with individuals and organizations around the world who work with ITCD in making its distance learning program available locally, or who deliver local training services in collaboration with ITCD. Some of these partners are:

Access to International Markets through Information Technology (AIM-IT), Beirut, Lebanon

Association of Certified Commercial Diplomats, London, England

Center for Research, Training, and Program Development (CRTPD), Ghana, West Africa
http://www.impactalliance.org/ ev_en.php?ID=6804_201&ID2=DO_TOPIC


Guyana Trade and Investment Support (GTIS) Project, Georgetown, Guyana, South America

San Diego Global University (SDGU), San Diego, California USA


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