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ITCD has bridged the gap in education and training on trade policy development and negotiations topics by offering its coursework to interested students around the world through the Internet. The course is modeled after the Master of Arts in International Trade Policy program (MAITP, formerly known as Master of Arts in Commercial Diplomacy [MACD]) at the Mondterey Institute for International Studies (MIIS), Monterey, California, USA.

This module-based program has been designed to present topics on complex issues that affect trade and investment policy decisions. ITCD's skills-based training methodologies provide a step-by-step formula on how to research, analyze, and create an effective strategy leading up to successful negotiations of an international trade agreement. The coursework provides guidance on the needed skills to conduct in-depth analyses of all the factors that bear on the policy decision-making process at home and abroad - the commercial interests at stake, the acroeconomic impacts of policy options, stakeholder interests, domestic and international laws, and the impact of media coverage on public opinion - all of which are vital for successful professional performance. A case study is introduced along with a series of required exercises and study questions, which reinforces skills learned throughout the course.

View materials from selected modules by clicking below:

Understanding Commercial Diplomacy
Analytical Framework
Managing Business/Government Relationship of Trade

>Register now. By completing the ITCDonline Certificate Program on Commercial Diplomacy, you are automatically included in the ranks of elite trade professionals who have also undertaken coursework in similar trade policy programs. You can immediately apply the tools of the craft on behalf of any government agency, industry association, corporation, union, or other nongovernmental organization upon completion of the program.

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