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If you have responsibilities for trade policy issues in your organization, or if you are a business professional who frequently has to deal with governmental authorities in other countries on issues that affect your firm, then you are a practitioner of commercial diplomacy and this site can help you to do a better job. The site will help you write more effective advocacy documents, deliver more effective oral briefings, use strategic economic data to bolster your case, develop better negotiating skills, and do a better job in managing relationships with the press, politicians, and other stakeholders (and potential allies) in governments, the business community, academia, and non-governmental organizations.

The site also contains an annotated Power Point presentation on Oral Presentation Skills that will give you pointers on how to make effective oral presentations to your bosses, potential allies, the public, or your negotiating partners.

Other PowerPoint presentations provide insights on managing the political process, effective trade negotiating skills, issues currently on the global trade negotiating agenda, and the impact of globalization and the information revolution on global trade and the trade policy agenda.

A glossary will let you find the meaning of terms and abbreviations frequently used in the trade policy field.

Web links will not only lead you to a wealth of information about trade issues, trade laws and agreements, and trade data, but will also provide you with a synopsis of what you are likely to find at each site so you donít have to waste your time to pursue links that are less likely to contain the information you are seeking.

If you want to hone your analytical skills you might want to look at some of the case studies and masters projects included in the site, or if you want to practice your negotiating skills you may want to use one of the negotiating simulations provided on the site in a mock negotiation with colleagues.

This site will soon contain a Writing Manual that will help you to write more effective briefing memos, press releases, advocacy letters, testimony and the many other documents that are part of your work. It also contains a database of commercial diplomacy advocacy documents used by others in the past.

This site will also soon provide a Manual on the Use of Numbers in Trade Policy Advocacy, which will provide insights on how you can use strategic economic data to persuade your bosses, allies and negotiating partners of the importance of an issue and the wisdom of adopting the course of action your are recommending.

Other manuals under preparation will help you manage the business/government interface and your relationships with the press and politicians.