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If you are a student:

Who Wants to Find Out More About Commercial Diplomacy

Who Wants to Find Out How to Become a Commercial Diplomat

Who is Studying Commercial Diplomacy and Wants Help

Who Wants to Acquire Professional Competency on His or Her Own

Find Out More About Commercial Diplomacy

If you are a student interested in how trade policy is made, how trade agreements are negotiated, and how trade policy professionals working for governments departments, industry associations, labor unions, non-governmental organizations or local/state governments influence both trade policies and trade agreements, this site can help you find the answers. Go to Frequently Asked Questions for a start. You may also want to browse through the PowerPoint presentations in he section on Instructional Modules. The field of commercial diplomacy encompasses all of these activities. The site will also lead you to websites with information about current trade issues, research in the field and data on trade and investment flows.

Find Out How to Become a Commercial Diplomat

If you are student who aspires or has decided to become a professional commercial diplomat, the site will give you information about the skills and knowledge you will need to acquire to become an accomplished professional in the field. It will also provide you with descriptions, outlines and detailed syllabi of courses that will equip you with the right skills and knowledge. You can also find out about the schools and training programs that offer courses and degree programs in the field.

Find Training Resources That Will Assist You in Your Study of Commercial Diplomacy

If you are a student enrolled in a commercial diplomacy program or a trade policy and negotiation course, the site will make available to you a wealth of information and training resources that will assist you in your studies. You can find out

The site also contains numerous examples of advocacy documents used in the real world, a glossary of terms frequently used in commercial diplomacy, case studies of how commercial diplomats have addressed past trade problems, negotiating simulations that give you an opportunity to try your negotiating skills on some real world issues, and masters projects in which students enrolled in a degree program in commercial diplomacy have demonstrated their ability to analyze real world trade issues and to develop a comprehensive advocacy and negotiating strategy.

Find Out How You Can Acquire Professional Competency in Commercial Diplomacy on Your Own Through a Program of Self Study

If you are a student or a practitioner who would like to develop knowledge or skills in the area, but you do not currently have the opportunity to enroll in a university degree program or a training program in commercial diplomacy, the site offers extensive resources for learning on your own. The description of the model program in commercial diplomacy, and the associated course outlines provides a guide to the books that provide information about the required skills and knowledge. The teaching modules, manuals, case studies, simulations, and masters projects provide a wealth of training resources on line. The web links provide access to educational resources and information contained in other sites.