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In response to the growing need for trained experts in Commercial Diplomacy, ITCD designs, develops, and delivers training programs for professionals who deal directly with trade policy issues, negotiations, and the implementation of trade agreements. These professionals, who recently have become known as Commercial Diplomats, may work in government or business. They may be leaders of industry or trade associations or nongovernmental organizations (NGO). ITCD's training methodologies enable these practicing professionals to understand how to work through these challenges and offer practical solutions.

ITCD has developed cutting edge training materials specifically designed to provide hands-on training in the skills required by practicing trade policy professionals. The proprietary materials include manuals focused on the various skills required for the competent professional practice of Commercial Diplomacy. ITCD has developed manuals focused on the overall analytical framework, economic and commercial analysis, policy analysis, legal analysis, political analysis, written and oral communications, business/government relations, consensus building and negotiations. ITCD's training package also includes an extensive set of case studies and negotiating simulations that provide the opportunity for hands-on training in the analysis and negotiation of real-world trade issues.

The commercial success of businesses and the economic welfare of nations depend on quick resolution of policy conflicts that arise from the globalization of the world economy. When a professional possesses this set of tools and techniques to respond to such issues, the quality and timeliness of information flow increases and the right information is channeled to the right place at the right time. Resolving policy conflicts requires greater professionalism from all sides - the skills of a well-trained Commercial Diplomat.

Therefore, ITCD provides comprehensive training solutions to build a sustainable, skilled workforce that is well equipped to handle the challenges that arise during the trade policy development process. These uniquely defined skills in the professional practice of Commercial Diplomacy empower trade professionals with the ability to advance the interests of their organization in trade policy decisions, trade negotiations, and the settlement of trade disputes, thus carrying out the organization's strategic objectives.

Program Highlights

Beirut, Lebanon (2006-2007):
ITCD is implementing trade capacity building training program with the USAID-funded Access to International Markets Through Information Technology (AIM-IT) program, managed by the International Executive Service Corps (IESC). The program focuses on (1) general Commercial Diplomacy tools and techniques and (2) the trade implications of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on business in Lebanon. A major component in this service offering is the ITCDonline Certificate Program on Commercial Diplomacy. To date, the program has trained 140 participants and enrolled 30 of them in the ITCDonline Certificate Program. For more details, visit:

New Delhi, India (2006): A training workshop on Diplomacy in International Trade was jointly organized by CUTS Institute for Regulation and Competition, Indian Institute for Foreign Trade, and ITCD, and supported by the Ministry of Commerce. Participants attended from a wide range of ministries, including Ministry of Finance, Commerce and Industry, Small Scale Industry, Textiles, Nonconventional Energy Sources, Petroleum and Natural Gas, Chemicals and Fertilizers, and Foreign Affairs. The workshop provided a comprehensive perspective of the global economic system and its effects on trade and investment flows. Principles and processes of Commercial Diplomacy were discussed along with lectures on basic negotiation skills. Get details on the workshop by visiting http://www.circ.in/erCDS01.htm.

Georgetown, Guyana (2005): Working with the USAID-funded Guyana Trade and Investment Support (GTIS) program, managed by Carana Corporation, ITCD President, Mr. Geza Feketekuty, implemented a training workshop aimed at exploring how Guyana's private-sector can identify negotiating positions and priorities as well as strengthen the analytical skills associated with the effective professional practice of Commercial Diplomacy. Follow-on funding was provided by Carana so participants could further develop their Commercial Diplomacy skills with participation in the ITCDonline Certificate Program on Commercial Diplomacy. Twelve participants are currently enrolled in this e-learning initiative.

Hanoi, Vietnam (2004):
ITCD designed and delivered a successful WTO accession training program in collaboration with George Washington University, the Ford Foundation, and the Institute for International Relations in Hanoi. The course offered the necessary tools for improved capacity implementing Vietnam's commitments to the U.S.-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement and navigating ongoing negotiations for Vietnam's accession to the WTO.   Participants in the program included representatives from a number of Vietnamese Ministries and Provincial governments, as well as members of academia, the media, and business associations.

Cairo, Egypt (2002):
ITCD implemented a USAID-funded initiative, managed by Development Training II (Institute for International Education) to provide direct training support and technical assistance to the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the General Organization of Export Import Control (GOEIC) during the lead up to the World Trade Organization Ministeril Meeting in Doha, Qatar. The objectives of these programs were for the participants to identify the critical factors in Egypt's commercial diplomatic negotiations; to develop case studies about commercial policy decisions for Egypt, to identify primary sources of trade data available to policy makers; and to analyze and report on this data for policy-makers.

Online Learning

ITCD believes that online learning is an essential element of its future education and training services. This module-based program leads participants through the steps an accomplished professional in Commercial Diplomacy must follow in advancing the interests of the organization s/he represents in trade policy decisions, trade negotiations, and the settlement of trade disputes. Return to Home for more information or visit www.itcdonline.com.

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